Back to the Future! or Foward to Wednesday?

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Hey guys! As I hope many of you know, this Wednesday marks a special day in movie nerd culture because well, it's the future! Yup, October 21st, 2015 is the day Marty McFly ventures into a future of hoverboards, inside out pockets, and Pepsi Perfect - otherwise known as Back to the Future Day.

The iconic 80's trilogy has become admired classics throughout all of America. I mean, it is a series my siblings and I combined have seen it plenty of times. Seriously, my eight-year-old brother has probably seen it more times than anybody our age.

The Back to the Future trilogy was produced by one of the best men, in my opinion, the cinema world has seen, Steven Spielberg. This man is a literal genius, and if you don't believe me, watch Jurassic Park and Catch Me If You Can. I'm just saying you won't be disappointed, but back to the point. The Back to the Future trilogy has become a staple in pop culture, and 20 years later it is still a story cherished by a lot of people.
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The trilogy depicts McFly's carefree and fun personality along with the crazy antics of Doc, and their adventures through past, present, and future. I remember watching Back to the Future II when I was around 10 years old, waiting for the moment were I could ride a hoverboard to school. Also, the DeLorean seemed like a pretty sweet ride. The movie had big dreams and expectations for our 2015, and I always wanted it to be true. No matter how cheesy it all seemed, but the Back to the Future movies brought a vision of whimsical fun that anybody could love. Even though the Dream 2015 hasn't come true, the movies will always be there. Also, Pepsi Perfect is a real thing now....Well for a limited time anyways.
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Thanks for reading this week and I hope your Back to the Future Day rules! Mine will definitely be spent longing to ride a hoverboard. 


    The video game looks awesome as well! Oh holy, I am still waiting for my hover board tho... :(

  2. I'm stoked as heck for that future Pepsi yo!