Clarify My PINK Diamond Love

Photo taken by RR Videographer/Photographer Adam Posada.
  It came and went. The Pink Game On Bash has got to be the biggest music event to take place on UTSA ground. People were already lining up to enter since 3 PM. If anyone had been keeping track of the UTSAPink social media pages, you'd would've noticed people asking questions like crazy prior to the event. 

Photo taken by RR Videographer/Photographer Adam Posada.
  Those questions led to some weird actions from certain students, such as selling their ID for admittance and whatnot. Actually, some people had even brought up the idea of camping the night before. Luckily, no one had done that or those tents would've suffered some damage. Why do you ask? Because while everyone had been in line, about 15 minutes before the event, DJ Irie said something along the lines of, "Let's break the rules." This led to everyone there running towards the entrance and crowding around before being let in. I felt like a sardine during that time, but it was worth it.

Photo taken by Director of Finance Adrian Pullido
  Inside the location there were a tattoo both, the PINK van, a human foosball area, a bounce house, a football goal post, a UTSA sign, and two food trucks. The food trucks consisted of tacos and who-knows-what-else. Give me a break, I'm a broke college student. I didn't bother with the tattoo both (that line was super loooong), but the art people got looked pretty. Also the line for the PINK van was crazy. That line didn't start dwindling down until Zedd was about to perform. 

Photo taken by Editor-in-Chief Atzimba Morales.
  Can't forget about the UTSA sign. So the sign was four giant wooden letters, painted in the school colors. Anyone that went up to it could sign it. Luckily, I got to the sign early and took over a giant spot on the S. Bryan, Programming Chair, and Sammy, Membership Chair, also signed on the S. Jarren, Graphic Design Chair, also left his mark. Well, you can say a lot of Rowdy Radio people were there having fun. Back to the overall experience.

  The foosball area is always fun, from experience it is something worth trying. (Then again, I got hit in the head the first time I played human foosball). Also the intention of the inflatable football goal post was to earn a foam PINK finger. All you had to do was throw the football. Let's just say I got the stance right but my throw sucked. Unfortunately for the PINK staff working the area, some lucky guy managed to kick the football so hard it landed outside of the field. Hopefully they were able to retrieve it after the event was over.

  I was disappointed, well more like Bryan, Programming Chair, the models were only available to take pictures with the people that found the PINK dogs during the scavenger hunt of the day prior to the event. That scavenger hunt had a few problems, in my opinion, but that's a different story. Now you know boys, always keep an eye open for those type of things.
Gif taken by Programming Chair Bryan De Leon.
  Then the bounce house. That was so much fun. I literally felt like a little kid when I went inside it. I haven't had that type of fun in a very long time. The irony to the bounce house was that you had to be 18-years-old in order to get inside. Sorry to the little kids out there, this was big kids only.

Photo taken by Programming Chair Bryan De Leon
  Then Zedd. Was it worth the wait? Yes. In all respects, it was worth it. The timing of the event has everyone pumped up for Halloween. Nick, a show host from After Hours, had mentioned how Zedd's performance was always top notch. It was AMAZING. The light show was superb. Look up videos and pictures of it with #utsagameon. Hits like "Break Free", "Clarity", and "Stay the Night" were performed including some remixes of other hit singles. Plus, Zedd did a Legend of Zelda mix! How awesome is that?

Plus laser lights! The lights were so COOL! From red to green, the lights kept the show going. And...AND there was fire. The fire was huge and from where I was at, which was pretty far, I could feel the heat. At one point I saw the fire reaching the lights that were above it. Good thing the tech guy saw this and fixed issue quickly.

  Zedd pleased the crowd of UTSA students and that's all that matters. Everyone enjoyed pumping their fists up in the air and for a moment felt a wave of relieve from homework. 

Photo taken by Director of Finance Adrian Pullido

Photo taken by RR Videographer/Photographer Adam Posada.

  There will be people that'll probably start putting in their two cents about how the event could've gone better. I can agree, there were problems that could've been fixed ahead of time, but this was the biggest concert UTSA has provided for the students. Of course there would be problems. Now it's a matter of how UTSA will do something similar like this in years to come.
Photo taken by RR Videographer/Photographer Adam Posada.

Were you there? Tell us of your experience and share some of the fun things that happened to you.

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  1. I found one of those dogs, we weren't allowed to take pictures with the models either. When I asked one of the organizers why, hey had no real explanation