Green Pill or Red Pill

Autumn Leaves in Nature
In our busy lives we seem to find ourselves strolling down this path covered in trees. The sun is ever so slightly beaming through the branches and there are hues of orange, red, and yellow. Suddenly, a leaf gracefully lands on your shoulder and you purely feel peaceful again. Nothing else matters. When you grab the leaf, you notice it looks different compared to all of your surroundings.

So, what’s different about this mysterious leaf, you wonder.

You turn it over to discover that you are captured in none other than the blissful realm of…..!

Before you turn away there’s a man named Morphlixulu sitting on a throne of couches with his arms in a welcoming embrace. You are overwhelmed with gladness as you walk toward him…


When you wake up, your hair is more profound and you clothes have been extremely transformed to fit your personality and the color of your soul. You developed an urge to point dramatically at an opponent for a challenge in something you’re a master at. Last, but not least, your hands have this natural motion to throw up a peace sign to a screen audience that you don’t know is there, but they know you’re there. … you’re an anime character??!!

What. The. Junk!

The opponent you’ve pointed to just so happens to be Morphlixulu! He closes his eyes, gently scoffs with a grin and starts to walk toward you. Confused and a bit dazed, you open your mouth to ask him a question, but he’s already started answering it for you and the screen audience only has a clear, zoomed in view of the lower half of your face. He explains that you’re about to make a decision that could change your life.

As nauseating as possible, you’ve spun out of your anime world and back into reality the second Morphlixulu grabs hold of your arm. You notice there’s a crick in your neck, about 50 lbs. of responsibility on your shoulders, and nasty bags under your eyes. Absolutely miserable at this point and you’re a youngin’! Why?

Why did all of that just happen?

Morphlixulu has turned around to face you and asks you to take a seat. He has a green pill in the left hand and a red pill in the right.

“The green pill takes you to a place where the most popular thing to be consumed in is anime.”

“The red pill takes you to a place where the most popular thing to be consumed in is movies.”

“Both contain varieties of the sort. One takes more of your soul than the other per month, but some come to find that one has more to offer than the other, so no matter what each one takes, you’re going to choose because it is your escape. It is a drug that you cannot refuse because of the wretched world you live in. The world is not that bad, but this drug is for when it is. Others submerse themselves to slow the world down, but by choosing only one of these, you IMMERSE yourself and that… is very important to understand.”

You glance left and right from one pill to the other. Your heart rate increases and you’ve got this heat coming from the top of your head that traces itself down the side of your cheek as sweat. This is a huge decision. You know you need it. You know that no matter what you do, you’re invested more than you can even fathom.

Once you’ve made your decision, the crick in your neck pops in just the right way, the 50 lbs of responsibility suddenly become wings to help you fly and the bags under your eyes are now Prada.
You, too, have your throne of couches.

So… what do you choose?

 Netflix or Hulu?