HALLOWEEN SOS - Fast and Easy Zombie Make Up

Last minute ready-to-kill make up for tonight. Toilet paper, glue and normal makeup is all you need!
(Photos: Adriana Pascasio)

Today is October the 31th, Halloween night, and you didn't have the time (or pretty much forgot) to get a proper costume for your friend's party or got invited last minute to your cousin's best friend's classmate's sister's party. There is no time left to rent a costume nor buy one online. What to do?

Yesterday we showed you how to get a fabulous and gorgeous eye make up with a Halloween theme, but today we present you with an easy to do zombie make up that can transform you into the spookiest and coolest kid of the party.

You will need:
✓ Foundation
✓ Elmer's glue
✓ Toilet paper
✓ Red lipstick
✓ Clear lipgloss or fake blood
✓ Dark color eyeshadows (purple, navy, black, brown, red)
✓ Makeup blending sponge
✓ Hair dryer

1. Apply foundation as usual. (If you want to look more dead apply a lighter color). 

2. Add black eyeshadow all around your eyes. Mix other colors like brown, dark purple or red too.

3. After you are done with the "dry" make up, add glue to where you want to have a scar or zombie bite. (I suggest putting it either on your forehead, under or around your eyes or down one of your cheeks)

4. Before it dries out, put pieces of toilet paper on the glue. Brush it or wrinkle it with your hands. (You can blow dry it with cool air to make the entire process faster)

5. After it is completely dry, peel off the excess of the paper and use the sponge to add foundation and some red lipstick on the scar. A substitute for fake blood is clear lipgloss which will give the wet look to the scar.

6. Keep touching your entire face up with dark eyeshadow to create some bruises and splash some blood until you look scary enough.

7. Newsflash: You've become a zombie ready to party and eat some brains! 

Special thanks to my dear friend Adriana for offering her face to make this mess.
You look zombeautiful.


This blog was written while listening to:

✱ Thriller by Michael Jackson
✱ Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett
✱ Toxic by Britney Spears
✱ Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach
✱ Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by Backstreet Boys

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