I'm in College and I Just had my First Date

This year has been a huge year for accomplishments of all sorts. I’m finally over the butthole guy I “fell in love” with in high school; it’s been a great and healthy year that I haven’t been friends with my psychotically obsessed ex-best friend; I’ve stayed physically healthy for over a year; I turned 21; I had my VERY FIRST DATE.

LSP and her Lumpin' Lumps
I’d like to consider myself pretty good looking, humble, extroverted and comfortable with myself and my beliefs. 
Pretty good lookin' gal with spunk and independence: Courtesy of Director of Membership Elora B.
It sometimes shocks me that I didn’t have my first date until recently. I’ve been on friend dates where my best guy friends have gone out on a “fancy” date with me to have fun and just enjoy each other’s time with no intentions whatsoever. To me, it’s not considered anything special because we’re not interested in each other in any way. There’s no mutual agreement that “Hey, this could go somewhere and be a thing”. Finally! FINALLY, I was asked on a REAL DATE. 

Hughey... proud of me at the Tony's

The typical questions are “Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?”… My response was “Surprise me”. I can honestly say that was the best decision I ever could’ve made.

The next thing I knew, he was coming to my door with a small box in his hands. When I read the label, I knew he had talked to my best friend because of where she works. It was a Domino flavored cookie cake with hellokitty on the front with her handwriting saying, “Happy Belated Birthday”. I thought that was the sweetest way to greet me since I hadn’t seen him in 3 years (I moved to San Antonio 4 hours away and was visiting home for the weekend).

I had absolutely no idea where we were going or what we were doing, but he told me to dress to have fun and that’s what I did! There we were at The Main Event, 20 minutes later. I’d never been there, so we decided bowling and laser tag were good choices (I’d never played laser tag before). Now, I figure he LET ME WIN those two games of bowling we played because I’ve NEVER been good at bowling…but he denies it and says he was legitimately trying. I don’t mind…I won TWICE! All the while bowling, we ordered food and he just told me, “Whatever you want.” We got some chicken and waffles and it was alright, but not the best. Then he’s telling me, “I don’t think that’ll fill you up so pick out something else.” A nice 16’’ Hawaiian pizza made it’s way toward us and we didn’t even finish it so we boxed it up to go and play some laser tag.

…He won that. The coolest part about it, was that we were the only two in this weird arena thing with loud music and a black light… SO FUN!! When we got out, we were drenched in sweat, but man, what an experience! I was looking into the prize area where there were loads of hello kitty plush toys, which I collect. In order to get them, the obvious only way was to play some games and get tickets. That was super exciting because we played a whole bunch of them and got loads of tickets and sure enough, I got my hello kitty plush!

It may look creepy to you, but it was the only one of it's kind and I love it: Courtesy of Director of Membership Elora B.
I was really surprised at how well everything went because I haven’t had that sort of simple fun in a really long time, let alone in a date setting! One thing happened after the other and my dad is calling me on the phone saying he was upset that the guy had picked me up without first meeting him and that’s a rule I should know not to break. I know… I know… You’re all like, “But you’re freaking 21!”… Let me just say that I was raised extremely independent and I can hold my own; I wasn’t babied/sheltered and always put in hard work and kicked ass at it. I will add that my dad loves me very very much and I couldn’t have asked for a better one to care for me in the simple sense that yes, it is a bit old fashioned, but valuable. 

Father/Daughter bonds like no other

I got home and told the guy to wait outside while I talked to my dad about it all. Dates are nowhere near normal for me, so the rule never really came into play and it totally slipped my mind. I understood completely where my dad was coming from and asked him to talk to the guy anyway.

No one was certain if my dad was going to tear the guy into pieces or not and the anticipation surprisingly wasn’t killing me. Why? Because this guy is a great guy and he has the utmost respect that should be in all guys for a daughter’s father. 

Rambo approves
I went and stood beside my dad as he explained everything to the guy with the protective looks and stances… and there the guy was saying, “yes sir. Yes sir. I understand, sir and I apologize; it won’t happen again, sir. I take full responsibility.” But the second I heard my dad say he didn’t stand for any “bullshit” the way that he did (pronounced it), I knew right then and there that he was comfortable with the guy and impressed with the way he handled himself.

At the end of that, me and the guy said our “see ya later’s” and he left. 

Behind closed doors:
My dad: “Tell him he passed”

My mom: “Tell him he did great. He listened and responded well AND he was dressed very well! Not a skater with his hat turned backwards and looking sluggish like he doesn’t know what he’s doing (My ex-boyfriend thought it was okay to dress like that for an Easter gathering with my family…C’Mon dude! Impress the girl’s family! *rolls eyes*).

My Grandma: “If Grandma likes him, he did well. Tell him I like him and approve!”

Later on that evening… “Will he be at the wedding?” “Are we going to see him?” “Tell him he’s very welcome to come.” “When you two get together…marriage…” WHOA! IT WAS ONE DATE!

Moral of this fantabulous story: There ain’t nothing wrong with being 21 and never having your first date until now. There’s a reason for everything and it’s definitely not because you’re ugly, unwanted, or even dorky. Maybe it just means that the right guy at the right time is supposed to show up when he is because you don’t necessarily have it in your path to go through a rough time to learn a something or two. Everyone has their own path and this was just a taste of mine.