It Follows, Haunts, and Disturbs

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I have not had a life long appreciation for horror like others, because, personally, being scared is not fun and the aftermath, when I was young, is me quivering under the covers in a brightly lit room. As I've grown older this doesn't happen (often) and I can appreciate the creativity of the modern horror and the classics from the past. One in particular from 2014 was both scary but also beautifully made in my opinion. It Follows is a film, although not brand new, that is excellent and one that should be enjoyed in the spooky month of October.

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It Follows is really amazing for both horror fans and even recent converts such as myself because the terror is primarily psychological, straying away from the popular jump-scare formula. The story of the film is that there is a monster physically walking towards its victims no matter what and only the victim can see it. This type of monster is scary not because of the imminent threat but the constant thought that there is something following you. It's really interesting and wonderfully horrifying. The main character Jay Height (Maika Monroe) is the target of this monster and her struggle explaining her predicament to others.

Not only is the film's story both interesting and scary but the cinematography is beautiful because of the style of director and writer David Robert Mitchell. His vision really comes out in the feeling of unease throughout the film. The framing of certain shots makes them so serene, yet the filter creates a dull shade to the colors which is the constant terror behind the protagonist. The music also evokes the emotions of unease by adding a relaxed song in the wrong context. The combination of creative cinematography and interesting musical score helps elevate the film into a really good horror film.

It Follows is not just a great horror movie but it is also a great film because of the quality of the story and the filmmaking. Currently It Follows has a 96% from critics and a 65% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. I appreciate this film and hope you will watch It Follows and appreciate the filmaking as well.

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  1. It's hard to find good horror movies nowadays. Can't remember the last good horror movie i watched. But yea, cinematography is such a beautiful art form man. the cinematography can make or break a movie, and i think it really helps horror movies. It's hard to find scary horror movies, i mostly just watch them for the story or cinematography.