League Of Legends Knockout Stage Recap. (CAUTION SPOILERS)


     The quarter finals for the knockout stage for the League of Legends World Championship are now over and the semifinal contenders have been announced. Some of the games which were predicted to go one way went completely the other direction. Some series were completely one sided but had some really close games. And I got all my knockout stage predictions wrong except one -_-.

     The knockout stage, as I am sure you all know by now, is a best of 5 and none of the games last week went to the full length. On the first day of knockout stages, Taiwan's Flash Wolves faced off against Europe's, surprisingly strong, Origen. The series started off with Origen taking 2 decisive victories over Flash Wolves. However, Flash Wolves fought back winning the 3rd game and prepped everyone for a reverse sweep. However, the dream ended short as Flash Wolves lost the 4th game to Origen, ending their World's trip. Also ending my hopes of winning rewards from the knockout stage pick'em. Sigh......

     On the second day of knockout stages, I got my first correct guess for the knockout stages, SKT T1 faced off against AHQ e-Sports. Everyone knew that SKT, the undefeated SKT, would best AHQ and it was predicted to be a 3-0 in the favor of SKT. And without a doubt, SKT won it with a 3-0 sweep. However, AHQ did put up a pretty decent fight, forcing SKT to be behind in gold multiple times throughout the series. However, SKT's superior late game shot calling won them all 3 games and advances them to the semifinals.
SKT practicing for their series against Origen.
Courtesy of LoLesports

    The third day of knockout stages begins bright and early for Europe's Fnatic to play China's EDG. Now, the prediction was to be a finals with EDG vs SKT, a rematch of MSI, but Fnatic put up a fight that left EDG wondering what happened. Fnatic bests EDG in another 3-0 sweep. The games highly focused around the top lane where Fnatic's carry Huni faced off against EDG's Koro1. Furthermore, Fnatic's ADC Rekkles is actually really good friends with EDG's Deft. At first Rekkles looked up to Deft because Deft was and is still regarded as one of the best ADCs in the world. However, last week, Rekkles was able to show his friend that he is gunning for his spot as one of the best ADCs.

                               Rekkles and Deft talking about their friendship. Courtesy of Lolesports 
     Giving me my last and final wrong prediction for my pick'ems was the game between Korea's two teams KT Rolster  (which if you didn't know is a combination of roller and coaster) and KOO Tigers. The match was a rematch of the LCK's semifinals where KT Rolster got the best of KOO Tigers and advanced to the finals against SKT. However, after KT winning the first game, KOO came back and won 3 games in a row winning the rematch and advancing to the semifinals against Fnatic.
KOO Tigers celebrating after their final win against KT Rolster.
Courtesy of Lolesports

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