Mellow Mushroom: The Dank Pizza Shop in Town

Well well well...


Who doesn't love pizza?

I know a ton of people who literally eat pizza every single day.

It's a breakfast, lunch, and dinner food item.

Quite literally, especially if you love fresh vegetables or different varieties of absolutely fresh ingredients!

 Mellow Mushroom, they got that stone-baked oven that not many places have.

Pizza being made on stone.


First of all, I took my pizza home to go.
(All beautiful photos were beautifully taken, by the beautiful person, known as Me)

I got two very dank pizzas.

Reason being why I took this mellowed out deliciousness home is because...

Sometimes family wants to get turnt and have pizza without being judged for their activities and different ways of consumption in a public place!

I'll leave it at that.

I don't want to give out my secrets of how my family occasionally makes pizza sandwiches.

Pizza Dogs...

Pizza Hands...

Pizza Rolls...

Pizza Sandwiches though. Who would've thought it'd actually be pretty good!
Well in all honesty, the pizza in general looked so delicious, when I stuck these boxes into my car on the ride home, it literally had my mouth watering.

Mouth watering like a man who saw some nice booty or something.
(Pardon my inappropriate reference)

But man... oh man how my taste buds were teased for that entire car ride home.

Right when I got home though... I had to take pictures. 

I had to. And this is how they looked.

This bad boy... (The Kosmic Karma)
Yeah that one with the fresh sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella and feta cheese.

I loved it.

I loved it more than that one guy from Zombieland loved Twinkies.

And majority of us know how much he loved them Twinkies.

Freshest of the Fresh.
Almost as Fresh as Will Smith in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

And this guy... --->
(The Mellowterranean)

The Mediterranean but in pizza form and more mellowed out.

If the Mediterranean could even be more mellowed out.
I don't even know where this is going.
But it came with Tzatziki which was....
Off the charts as a dipping sauce for this one!

Chicken, Olives, Onions, Chicken, some more Chicken, lower cased chicken, CAPITALIZED CHICKEN. 
The chicken was really good on it.

This pizza place should be called...

The Fresh Pizzas of Dank Air
or Pizzas of Dankness.
Or something.
Something that has to do with dank.

I mean... Look at the pizza box.
It only would make sense.

Handmade crust is the bomb dot com.
Fresh ingredients is un-BEARably amazing.
It's such great pizza it's GIRAFFE-ing me crazy.
Oh, WHALE, I'll be back for more next paycheck.
All these puns are making my voice HORSE.
ALPACA my things when I'm done.
OWL let you know when that time comes.
Puns never end. Ever.

My money goes to food anyways.
So I'll be back.
Mellowed out.
Or hungry for satisfaction.
Or for the trippy paintings.

Don't judge please.
Pizza is so good ._.