Music, Art and Space in Austin!


       So here's an interesting idea. This cool place called New Worlds Space Institute in Austin held some conferences this weekend with heads of other major research and education institutes and they decided to add a live event later that night. It was a pretty interesting place to book the artists that were on this cool local talented lineup. On top of having some dope musicians throwing it down they also invited a plethora of visual artists from Austin and other local communities as well. With two cool stages set up inside and on a balcony, the Palmer Events Center made for a creative setting for such a great night!                                                        

Photo Cred: G. Patino
The Clergy of The Electric Church bringing the FUNK!
Photo cred: G. Patino
       When I first got there I was wondering whether or not I was in the right place. I knew somewhat of what I was headed to see. I knew I was going to some sort of music event where I would see some of my friends play and see a few cool paintings made by some talented humans.

  I entered and the first thing I see is a bunch of dudes in suits walking around while I am coming in in some fest shirt and shorts. When I walked to the Main Stage I found a pretty cool setup and a pretty different spectrum of people congregated and bouncing to the music coming from the front. 

Photo Cred: G. Patino

        People were dancing and groovin' all over the place. I joined in and got down with everybody.
Photo cred: G. Patino

Then I decided to check out some of the art that was out on display.

  There were some amazing pieces of art that had me staring for a good minute just wondering how that person could have pulled that off. I talked to some of the artists who were socializing with the crowd and showing people what they created. Definitely glad I went out that night and took part in enjoying this act of local creativity.