Music Notes: Neon Indian Concert!

Neon Indian: Courtesy of

Before I start my spiel on how much of a nerd I was at the Neon Indian concert, let me just say that I come from the Valley, and it's a place where artists barely visit, I'm pretty sure they don't even know where the Valley is. Anyways, the point is going to concerts usually was a rare kind of thing for me, and as a major music nerd, it has always killed me, but this past Wednesday, I finally got to be a cool kid. I saw Neon Indian at the Paper Tiger, and it was probably the grooviest concert I've ever been to. Oh gosh, yes, I still use the word groovy.
Redder Moon at the Paper Tiger: Taken by RR Blogger Savannah Salazar.
Now onto the cool part...the concert! Ahhh. Well I've never been to the Paper Tiger before, and boy, was it cool. I just really liked it from the lights, the sign, the stage. It felt so vintage & chill that I had no chill. Just waiting for the bands had me crazy excited. I didn't even know much about the opening band. To be completely honest, I barely found out their name at the concert, but Redder Moon was pretty good. They were mostly instrumental with a lot of synth influence, and I loved it when the drums kicked in. One of the better songs from them would have to be Song for the Sleeping.  

When Redder Moon finished, we waited in anticipation for Neon Indian to play, and by anticipation I would probably say about an hour. Waiting wasn't that bad though especially when the whole crowd started to sing and dance to M.I.A.'s song Paper Planes and Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. It just highlighted my favorite thing about concerts. The fact that there is a place for all of us music nerds to get together to express our love for music. Gahhh. It's amazing.

Neon Indian at the Paper Tiger: Taken by RR Blogger Savannah Salazar

But then....Neon Indian came out and totally started to begin the party! Gosh, right when the music started Alan Palomo, Neon Indian frontman, started to dance and sing like no tomorrow. His moves totally beat everybody's. It should make sense since this was sort of Alan's hometown show! His parents were there as well and his brother plays bass, making it pretty much a family affair too.

Neon Indian: Courtesy of RR Photographer Daniel Mathura

Also this tour is to promote Neon Indian's upcoming album, VEGA INTL. Night School, so he filled the set with lots of new songs like The Glitzy Hive and Dear Skorpio which was totally fine with me since I was too busy dancing like a dork to focus on singing every word. He also included singles like Annie, which definitely has that cumbia vibe. Seriously, listen to it and tell me that you couldn't help but move your hips. Plus he sang Slumlord which is easily one of my favorite songs so far. I really nerded out during this song, and I just made "nerded" a word.

Although I do have to say, during this song, a girl just pushed her way to the front where some stream team members and myself were jamming and kind of killed our vibes a bit. Trust me I understand people's love for bands, but it's not cool to force your way to the front, invade someone's personal space, and drop your half full beer during one of the coolest songs of the set.

Neon Indian: Courtesy of RR Photographer Daniel Mathura

By the end, Neon Indian made sure to throw in some older songs like Deadbeat Summer, and everyone's favorite, Polish Girl. Alan told us that he wouldn't bull**** us and gave us an encore of Polish Girl and an unreleased song off his new album. I swear Polish Girl has been stuck in my head since the do do do do do. If you haven't heard it, please listen to the link or else those "do's" make no sense.

Overall, Neon Indian killed it. For me it was the most dancing I've ever done at a concert plus I managed to get the set list and get it signed by Alan Palomo. How freaking cool is that? Anyways thanks for reading, and don't forget! Neon Indian's new album, VEGA INTL. Night School comes out October 16th, 2015. Be sure to check it out!