My Gym Rat Music Tastes

  Halloween's basically out of the way and guess which holidays are next. That's right, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays every college student looks forward to going back home and stuffing their faces with a bunch of food. Who doesn't want to overeat? I definitely can't wait to go back home and eat all my mom's cooking.

  But, one thing people, and freshmen, dread is gaining the Freshmen 15. Being lazy is fine but those few pounds can add up pretty quickly. I enjoy going to the gym, even though it took years for me to mentally accept going to the gym was good. Now I look at it as a challenge to improve myself physically.

  Look at it this way, by going to the gym now you'll be way ahead of the people that want to do a weight loss resolution for New Year's. Plus, you're body will be so used to burning more calories that by the time Thanksgiving is here you don't have to worry about after effects from the food.

  Obviously we all have different musical preferences. My music taste for the gym focuses more on cardio. Here's a short list of songs, in no specific order, that inspire me to tough it out when I want to give up.

American Beauty/American Pyscho - Fall Out Boy

Okay, so I have a weak spot for FOB. Some people have gone on to say "American Beauty / American Psycho" isn't their best album, but I like it, especially the single "American Beauty / American Psycho." This song's guitar riffs and fast lyrics pump me up when I'm barely starting my mile run or when I'm close to finishing. It helps give that extra push. Plus, it has that beautiful and dangerous vibe to it.

The Art of Losing - American Hi-Fi

For all those that remember the late 90's and early 00's, this one's for you. Remember all the angsty riot music you'd listen to when My Chemical Romance and all those other bands came to play? Well, American Hi-Fi's "The Art of Losing" should get more credit than it has been given. Surprisingly, this same song, although a clean version, made it to Disney's "Freaky Friday" movie (back when LiLo was not announcing she would run for presidency). While the instruments are good in their own right, it's the lyrics that come back bearing the reminder that you have to face some tough @#*$ before getting what you want.

Senbonzakura - Lindsey Stirling

This one is completely different to the other two songs. Lindsey Stirling gained YouTube popularity by doing some amazing dubstep violin covers of popular songs. So why add that song? Because it's a story. Every time I listen to the song I imagine I'm on a conquest, similar to Link from Legend of Zelda. Although, the meaning of the song is totally different. There's nothing more fun that imagining your own adventure.

Planetary (Go!) - My Chemical Romance

Another song by another favorite band of mine, from another album some people seem to dislike. Sure, it's not the MCR style people grew up with. Yet, with "Black Parade" having been released in 2006, MCR did not release anything new until 2009 with the single "Desolation Row" for the movie "Watchmen" and from there "Danger Days" released a year later. The style of "Danger Days" is post-apocalyptic and the urgency in Gerard's vocals only increases the riot energy within me.

Renegade - Stereo Dive Foundation

Don't judge me. Ok, maybe a little. So, this is one of those Japanese songs I enjoy listening to. I came upon the song when I heard it in the opening for GANGSTA! This show is very brutal and boy did I get hooked. The song is not the general cutesy stuff you find all over YouTube. Best way to describe this song is EDM. It's a go-to song when I'm on the elliptical. Let's just say this isn't the only non-English song I have on my workout playlist. 

Cake By the Ocean - DNCE

Because at the end of the day, any reference of food motivates me to stay alive. Plus, it's a reference to cake. CAKE! The song is catchy and the video is funny to watch. I listened to this song on repeat for 20 minutes and afterwards the first thing I wanted was cake.

These were just a few songs off of my gym playlist. Of course, there are a lot more but these stuck out the most. If this isn't the type of music you listen to, then stop by our stream sometime and get inspired by our DJs.

Also, tell us in the comments section below what you listen to at the gym.

Till next time.

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  1. Loved the playlist. Running to Planetary Go! by MCR is major. ♡