My Hair is Pink, My Heart is Pink, My Toenails are Pink

DeAngelo Williams (Photo Credit:
DeAngelo Williams is a renowned running back in the NFL and is best known for his time spent with the Carolina Panthers. Williams holds multiple franchise records with the Panthers including most rushing yards and most rushing touchdowns in a single season back in 2008. With age creeping up on him, the Panthers decided to let him go. He now plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers where he serves as an excellent back up to Le'Veon Bell.

"Pink is not a color, it's a culture"

Since coming into the league, Williams had been an advocate for breast cancer awareness. His family has a history of breast cancer and Williams has lost his mother and four aunts because of it. Last week, news broke of Williams asking the NFL to allow him to wear something pink in his uniform for the rest of the season in honor of his late mother. The NFL denied his request stating that they have strict rules about their uniform policy and that it is unmovable.

When I first heard about it, I thought it was ridiculous and unfair. I felt bad for Williams. He’s not asking for much and it’s for a good cause. wearing pink serves as a reminder to people who watch his games. I think Williams put it beautifully when he said "pink is not a color, it's a culture." Williams has mentioned a time when a woman approached him telling him that she got herself examined because she saw him wearing pink cleats during a game.

We live in an era where things are forgotten so quickly and we need to be reminded about every little or big thing. So him being able to wear pink every game can actually make a difference.

Even with the policies set in stone, Williams found a loophole last season. Since he knew the uniform policy, Williams decided to add some pink to his hair to serve as that reminder. He continues to sport the dreads with pink ends this season, and that's all he may be able to do.

Even though the NFL has strict policies, back in 2009 they agreed to terms that allowed players to wear pink accessories during all of their games in the month of October. Williams was a big advocate for this, as he played a major role in convincing the NFL to allow players to wear pink during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Williams is doing all he can to be an advocate for breast cancer awareness. It was recently announced that he was going to pay for 53 women in Charlotte to get mammograms out of his own pocket.
Last year he asked all of his fans and people everywhere if they could do something for him.

1. To wear a pink shirt at least once a month and tell people that it is a reminder.
2. Early detection is the best prevention. (In honor of his mother and four aunts) call, text, facebook, tweet, etc 5 women you care about and ask them if they got a mammogram recently. Then tell them to tell 5 women they care about and so on and so forth. (

Do him a solid

DeAngelo Williams' next game is this Sunday October 25, 2015. If it's not too much to ask for, wear something pink and tweet him out a picture of yourself in pink @DeAngeloRB,
or just give him a shout out. Let him know that he is making a difference in the world, and that you support him. Sometimes it's the little things in life that mean the most. Life is beautiful, so treat it as such.