October's Artist Fashion Idol: Marina Diamandis

The Neon Nature Tour of Marina and the Diamonds is the perfect combination of music, visual art and fashion.
(Photo by: Sam Vazcari)
On October 13th, I experienced something that I have been dreaming about for about five years now: I saw Marina and the Diamonds live. Yes, I could say her music is all I would need to call her my favorite artist but that would be a fallacy because what Marina and the Diamonds represents is much more than relatable lyrics and catchy beats. Marina's concept combines three of my favorite things ever: flawless music (of course), innovative art, and unique fashion.

I have to admit that before the show started I was dying of excitement and anticipation because 1. I was front row (squeals), and 2. I wanted to see all the costumes she was about to wear, all the lighting design and visuals that I heard were astonishing.

Last year, she asked all her fans (or diamonds as we are called), to send her fan art. Unexpectedly, the interactive "challenge" was all about finding someone who could create visual art for the tour and merch. Brazilian artist Gabriel Marques was chosen to design the promotional posters of the tour as well as some t-shirts that were sold on site. Pretty neat. #IWishICouldDraw

Also, prior to the start of the tour, Marina had been giving little sneak peaks of the visual art and costumes she was going to wear through her social media, Collaborations with designers like Kat Maconie, Piers Atkinson, among others, promised to be as original and colorful as the rest of the FROOT era, the way Marina likes to call this entire chapter related to her third album FROOT.
Una foto publicada por Marina and The Diamonds (@marinagrams) el

Una foto publicada por Marina and The Diamonds (@marinagrams) el

Paula Knorr is another fashion designer who collaborated with Marina and the one who created garments for the first act of the show that represents Marina and the Diamonds' first era, The Family Jewels. She used metallic fabrics mixed with silk that gave all looks a liquid mercurial appearance that made Marina shine like a fuchsia... diamond. 😅 The jewel headdress was designed by Piers Atkinson.

For Act II Electra Hart, my favorite, Marina wore a catsuit by Austin Louis Perry, a fashion designer based on the UK who uses the finest and most exotic fabrics that give a futuristic look to all his creations. Funky Fabrics, provided materials for the manufacturing of this designs.

For the third act FROOT, the blue cherry and Froot headdresses were also designed by Atkinson and the blue catsuit was custom made by Michael Costello.

Una foto publicada por Marina and The Diamonds (@marinagrams) el

Although this tour has just started, I am anxious to see other designs that Marina and her team came up with. Before I start fangirling again, (I have been containing myself for too long now), let me just conclude by saying that in my opinion, the job of an artist is not only create for the sake of creating, but it is putting his or her personality in everything they do and Marina and the Diamonds do this and goes even beyond. And that, that is what makes her my favorite artist of the moment and the type of artist I would like to be someday.

All in all, The Neon Nature Tour is the best show Marina has put together, and I hope it is not the last.

Thank you again for reading. 

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