Oddball Comedy Festival Another Year of Incredible Performances

Image courtesy of consequenceofsound.net
  This past weekend was such an experience because of the annual Oddball Comedy Festival presented by Funny or Die. Every year I have been able to attend and every year the show continues to grow and improve because of the incredible talent and hard work put into the performances. Past shows consisted of Flight of the Conchords, Dave Chappelle, Luis C.K., Sarah Silverman, and so many more. I enjoy comedy because of the insight and commentary provided. Comedy is a universal language and comedians are so fluent that the audience become enthralled in their wordplay. The Oddball tour is one of the best comedy festivals out there and I had an amazing time this year.

  The Oddball Comedy Festival goes to Austin, Dallas, and the Woodlands in the state of Texas with Austin being the second to last on the tour. The Festival was held at the Austin360 Amphitheater at the Circuit of the Americas formula 1 racetrack. The atmosphere waiting in line for the event was not just filled with anticipation but the camaraderie of everyone being able to relate through comedy.

  Before the main show began, it was a warm-up show hosted by the great Big Jay Oakerson and filled with comics from Texas. This warm-up show was good, unfortunately the crowd was minimal because of how early this pre-show was in the evening. Big Jay Oakerson has a podcast called Legion of Skanks which is hilarious and fun to listen to, be warned he is for a mature audience. Big Jay Oakerson is one of my favorite comedians and is a comic to look up if you are into comedy.

Image of Big Jay Oakerson from IMDB.com
  As the night went on and the pre-show came to a close the host changed and Big Jay was replaced by Jeff Ross, who if anyone has seen the Comedy Central Roasts you will recognize as one of the best roast comedian on those programs. Jeff Ross introduced the main show act, but one of the comedians stood out from the rest and really had the crowd doubling over in laughter. Bridgett Everett who has a new special out called Gynecological Wonder on Comedy Central was probably the funniest act that I did not expect. Her comedy act was so involved with the crowd but was never derailed. I still can not help laughing thinking about her act and incredible performance.

Image of T.J. Miller courtesy of SerialOptomist.com
  But the night was not over yet, because the closing acts had yet to take the stage. This year the headliners were Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer, Anthony Jeselnik, and T.J. Miller. T.J. Miller opened and his performance did not disappoint with his unorthodox sense of humor. His quick quips were amazing to watch live. T.J. Miller is known most recently for his performance in the HBO show, Silicon Valley, which is a very funny show about a tech startup in Silicon Valley. Then Anthony Jeselnik came to the stage and his performance was masterful of the steady and calculated comedic style, a perfect contrast to the erratic T.J. Miller. Anthony Jeselnik currently has a Netflix special called Thoughts and Prayers, which I highly recommend watching because of this talented comedian.

Image courtesy of Imdb.com
  Once Anthony Jeselnik departed from the stage and Jeff Ross introduced the wonderful Amy Schumer the crowd, including me, rose to their feet in anticipation. As she came to the stage 12,000 people erupt in cheers and she did not disappoint. I have seen Amy Schumer before at the Moontower Comedy Festival and she was hilarious. She has honed her craft into an incredible new act which premiered on HBO in her new special Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo, which was directed by Chris Rock. As soon as Amy Schumer finished her act the entire crowd once again went into an uproar and their expectations for the closing act, Aziz Ansari, were set incredibly high. Aziz Ansari performed with such finesse and control the audience was eating out of his comedic hands. This was my first time seeing Aziz live, although I do enjoy all of his specials but his new material is amazing and needs to be seen. The closing joke killed and was the perfect end to an awesome show because of the comedy it brought to the 12,000 attendees at the event.

  The Oddball Comedy Festival is an amazing event and is only getting better from my experience over the past 3 years going to the event. Comedy is something that every person should be able to appreciate and when you are in a crowd of 12,000 people laughing in unison the joy I felt is unmatched by all other comedy events I have been to and it creates an experience like no other. Check out all of these comedians because they are all equally talented and funny in their own incredible ways.