Patricia Kills Art Outside

   Mother nature, thank you for being a buzzkill this weekend. An amazing 4 day camping festival that was very anticipated got rained out making many people waste time, gas and money to travel to and attend this event. It's all thanks to this hurricane named Patricia which is knocking doors down. She's not your typical tropical storm that you see every hurricane season. She is the biggest hurricane to ever hit the coast of Mexico coming in at a Category 5 with wind speeds of up to 157 miles per hour. It was a result of terrible timing between the scheduling of the festivals and the position of one of the biggest storms in history!
       The event that was abruptly and devastatingly halted this weekend was Art Outside at Apache Pass in Rockdale, Texas. What was meant to be a great and intimate weekend of great music and good times was turned into a survival mode challenge for all the people that decided to attend. At first, people were very optimistic about attending even though they knew the possibilities of bad weather happening. The event itself is a rain or shine show and the organizers, as well as the attendees, were not going to let a few rain drops soil their good weekend (pun intended). The first two days were actually going pretty well, and the campgrounds stayed fairly dry. Artists were able to do their thing and the headliners like Lettuce, Bonobo and Dopapod brought the groove to start up the weekend.

       Around 3:30 AM on Saturday, when I was still full of energy and raging my face off at the dome stage, the rain started teasing us. It finally started and everyone at the festival was prepared for a wet morning. As the rain started coming down harder and harder, eventually they had to cut the music and send everyone back to camp. This is when things got interesting. Most people were still in fest mode despite the rain and carried on with their illicit festival shenanigans. I went to bed after staying through the whole night with the rain still coming down ferociously.
Bonobo at Dome Stage Friday Night

       Upon awaking the next day I found myself laying in 3 inches of rain water in my tent but because of the aftermath of the intense partying the night before, I just went back to sleep and made nothing of it. Then after waking up couple more hours later I realized that the rest of the weekend was not going to be as good as the night before.

      The event was cancelled and the rain did not stop at all. Everyone was trying to salvage what they could of their flooded campsites and even after successfully packing, most cars were unable to leave for hours until people or other vehicles pushed them out of the mud. I've got one thing to say to all the other survivors that were out there this weekend with me:

At least it wasn't Tomorrowworld.


  1. omg i was there and it was so fun friday night! good to see someone posting about this event though, ill def be back next year!

  2. Had no idea this camping thing was a thing! lol Cool! But not cool because Patricia sucks