Pelvis Pushing Runners and Other Shenanigans

Vintage Trouble performing at Paper Tiger: Courtesy of Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
Music events keep happening and with Halloween creeping up on us, it's only a matter of time before that music is blasting out of a lot of speakers. Anyways, last week Rowdy Radio members got together and saw Greg Holden and Vintage Trouble perform at the Paper Tiger.

This was my first time at the Paper Tiger. I can't compare it to what the White Rabbit used to be, but the style of the venue was unique. The painted tigers even received a wonderful compliment from our Director of Finance, Adrian Pullido. And we did a Power Ranger pose! 

Greg Holden at Paper Tiger: Courtesy of Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
Anyways, the opening act was a surprise. To quote our Chair of Programming, Bryan De Leon, "He was good. Usually it's hard for an opening band to sound good." And he's a tough critic, so that's saying something. I enjoyed all the music. It wasn't until Greg Holden had finished his set that we realized he was a solo artist. Since the entire band was in sync with his music it felt like more of a collective work. There was a bit of quirkiness to his music. It helped set up the vibe for Vintage Trouble and the crowd enjoyed it. I sure enjoyed it.

After his set, Greg Holden met up with fans and signed CDs and other merchandise. He was great guy overall. Then it was just another hour wait before Vintage Trouble would go on stage. There wasn't much to worry about, the crowd was decent and there was plenty of space to walk around. But 5 minutes before Vintage Trouble almost everybody decided to crowd around the stage. 

The crowd going wild for Vintage Trouble: Courtesy of Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
During the hour break, we wondered about and checked out the merchandise for Vintage Trouble. The artwork for their album "The Bomb Shelter Sessions" gave me a sense of deja vu. After a few seconds I thought it had to do with a song called "Pelvic Pusher." Well, the song was not on the back of their vinyl record. Guess I was wrong. Nope, I was going to be proven right towards the end of the night.

Vintage Trouble did not hold back. Their music is categorized as Rock/R&B/Soul/Contemporary R&B, but when you listen to it, it's nitty gritty and downright dance music. Not your typical club music though, it tears at your soul as it begs for release. Hell, our Director of Finance was showing off some crazy dance moves during "Run Like The River."

Later, Vintage Trouble's singer, Ty Taylor, got off stage and joined the crowd during their performance of "Strike Your Light." That's right, the audience actually got to take part in the performance and that was not the last time. 

Ty Taylor offstage and up close with the audience: Courtesy of Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
Vintage Trouble finished their set with "Pelvic Pusher." Things ended in a super high note after that. As mentioned earlier, I thought that was the song that introduced me to them. It turned out I was right, the reason the song was not on the vinyl was because it was a BONUS track. 

Ty Taylor, again, got off stage and this time he went straight towards an audience member that was alone. This audience member had been dancing like crazy and Ty had decided to join in on the fun. Both of them were pushing those pelvises pretty hard, so hard it was difficult to grab a photo of it. Maybe a video would've been better. Oh well, a mistake to learn from for next time. 

Vintage Trouble was kind enough to come back on stage and perform an encore for the crowd. Luckily, that gave us time to get to the merchandise table and be one of the firsts to get photos and signatures. With UTSA playing against Louisiana Tech this past Saturday and getting my costume ready for Halloween, it was a great experience to kick off last week. I would love to do this kind of experience again with Rowdy Radio. There's just so much that happened that's too hard to try to write down in words for others to understand. Sometimes it's better if you experience it first hand.

What do you think of these artists? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. Don't worry, we don't bite.

This blog was written listening to:

Give Me Hope - New Politics
Jezzebelle - Vintage Trouble
Lipstick Wonder Woman - Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown
Only Love (Acoustic) - PVRIS
Could Have Been Me - The Struts