Playwright, Playright, is the Play Right?

  Recently, I have been asked about what I think makes a good movie, well, good. I have been swimming in a large abyss of cinematic phenomenon for a really long time, and quite frankly, it is really hard to just pick one thing out. There is always more to a movie than fast-paced images, props, and great acting.  There is always an underlying feature and almost always the best movies have sentimental value. 

  What makes a movie either pure filth or an Oscar-winner?  What does one have to do to go from Exodus to Her?  What do you look for when you’re snuggled up on your couch with a bag of popcorn?  It is always so easy to point certain things about terrible movies out, but seldom do we ever just point out the great features of an excellent movie.  

  The best types of movies are always the ones that get a reaction from you.  If you sit through a movie and don’t feel anything at all, is it really any good?  That is not always necessarily right, though.  You can watch a scary movie with jump scares and get a really great reaction taken out of you, but does that make it any good?  No, we all know that Annabelle is terrible.  Here is what I have pieced together.  This is what I think makes a movie good.

10. I always look for a movie with a hint (or a lot) of darkness.
The Addams Family courtesy of
9. I always look for a movie that's terrifyingly unique.
The Poughkeepsie Tapes courtesy of
8. I always look for a character that I can relate to.
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7. I always look for the raunchiness of the sixties (although Dirty Dancing was filmed in the 80s).
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6. I always look for a happy ending.
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5. I always look for the bizarreness that comes with the brilliance of Stanley Kubrick.
Gang from A Clockwork Orange courtesy of
4. I always look for the passion and drive for music like the groupies and bandmates from Almost Famous.
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3.  I always look for self-less characters that look out for the well being of their peers.
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2. I always look for a movie with a great soundtrack.

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1. Finally, I always look for a movie filled with complete and absolute madness.
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