Riot Take My Money (Skins, Game Mode, Worlds)

The upcoming skins that have been released on the PBE
Courtesy of Surrenderat20
Anyone else notice the amount of effort that Riot has been putting into their new skins? I mean, the Cosmic Reaver Kassadin and Demonic Vi skins LOOK SO FLIP FLOPPERIN GOOD. So yes I did empty out my wallet to buy them and what was the first thing I did with them? Well, I mean, after going into a custom game and staring at them for a good 30 minutes each I decided to run them into the event game mode, One For All. One For All was a fun game mode where they took the concept of Mirror Mode from earlier in the year in which one would do a 5v5 of the same champ and made it so that it would be 5 of the same champ versus 5 of a different champ. You can not imagine the amount of craziness that came out of all those games. Like 5 Leonas is just to much cc even though we had the so called OP Yasuo. Although the game mode is all done by now, you can see all the funny and stupid things that people did on YouTube and Twitch by searching "League of Legends One For All."

NEW SKINS HAVE BEEN RELEASED ON THE PBE. Slayer Jinx, Slayer Pantheon, and Zombie NuNu have been let loose on the PBE. To be honest the skins look so so so so so good and I can't wait to hand my money over to Riot. These should be the new skins that are for Halloween but I would be okay with maybe a few more. Also, I feel like the Demonic Vi skin shoulda been included, but oh well....

I should start naming these blogs, "Reasons Why Riot Should Take My Money." Usually I'm used to the normal like cheapo skins by Riot that are pretty cool but are more or less just the stock skins and skills with the champion wearing some fancy clothes. BUT nowadays they're putting wings on Vi, giving Blitzcrank an even bigger arm to pull people, like my money is slowing leaving my savings. I do hope that they do some really cool things for Halloween and Christmas; last year felt really lackluster and I feel like Riot can step it up for this year. For a closer look at these new skins checkout Surrenderat20 

Now down to business: this last weekend was Europe vs Korea in two separate semifinals during Worlds. Saturday was Origen vs SKT T1. Of course the expected victors were SKT T1 but the dream of Origen beating them was still there and the fan votes during the game showed it. The very first game was probably the closest game that SKT T1 has ever had this entire tournament. Origen took SKT T1's inner turret, which was the first inner turret that they have lost all tournament. Although the game was back and forth for 40 minutes, SKT pulled out with the victory with their patent kill the nexus with Baron buff on. The second game was much more one sided with SKT T1 closing the game out much earlier, and the third game ended with SKT T1 making quick work of the strong European team. However, the dream is not yet dead for Europe to participate in the World Championship Finals.
Fnatic vs Origen
Courtesy of LoleSports

On Sunday, it was Fnatic, Europe's last hope, vs Korea's KOO Tigers. Now, the KOO Tigers have come a long way to be here. They defeated KT Rolster which took second place from Fnatic during the LCK summer split, and the only reason KOO Tigers were able to come to Worlds was because they qualified through tournament points. Now, with the first game, it was a back and forth of gold leads, especially in the Top Lane. Huni vs Smeb was the featured match up for this week and man did they deliver. One moment Huni would have the lead and bully Smeb out of lane, next moment Smeb would have the lead and would bully Huni out of lane. It was a back and forth of mechanical skill that was fantastic to watch. After over 30 minutes of game play, Smeb was able to split push and KOO Tigers were able to secure the victory. In the second game Huni took Riven away from Smeb but Smeb just went and picked Fiora. This lane became a complete skill match up and it was even more back and forth than it was in the previous game. However, because of Fiora's skill set, she was able to out scale Riven and eventually Fnatic had no way to deal with the Fiora split push. And again KOO Tigers won. In the third game Fnatic began to look desperate and Huni decides to play Riven yet again. However, in the first game Huni picked Hecarim in order to counter Smeb's Riven, in the third game, Smeb picked Hecarim to counter Huni's Riven. Talk about BM. Not only did Smeb take Huni's own match up but ended up beating him with it knocking Europe out of the 2015 World Championship.
Fnatic vs KOO Tigers
Courtesy of LoleSports