Songs for Any Halloween Playlist!

Donnie Darko is my favorite Halloween movie,
mostly because of its killer soundtrack. (And Frank)

Oh man oh man, Halloween is coming up, and I bet everyone is going through the same struggle: Halloween music.

What even is "Halloween Music?" Is it the corny stuff in the backgrounds of suburban Halloween movies? Or is it any song that manages to scare you? Do they all have to do with bones or death or monsters? The answers to all of the questions are... I have no clue.

Every year, the idea of having the best spooky music at your party crosses the minds of me and countless others, and many of us end up scrounging together anything remotely fitting into a disgusting amalgamation of incohesive music.

But hey, I thought of a solution! I have compiled a list of ten spooky-scary-ish songs that are all different and unique. They don't go together at all really, but at least a few should fill in the gaps in your Halloween Party Jam playlist. Right? Hopefully?

1. The Bog - Shannon and the Clams

This is first on the list, because it's a throwback to last week's blog, where I wrote about Gone By the Dawn!  Witches howling in a bog, old men singing in a circle, corpses rising for the dead... This one nails it out of the park Halloween-wise. The vintage vibe helps too.

2. Monster - Kanye West (Explicit)

Yeah, I couldn't resist with this one. It has some pretty corny lyrics at times (looking at you, Jay-Z) that are perfect for the season, and Nicki Minaj swoops in at the very end to save the song with a killer verse. This one is really perfect for a party; it's a crowd pleaser, it has a very Halloween vibe, and it has Nicki. Enough said.

3. Heads Will Roll - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Man, this band is just generally scary sometimes. If you think the music video for "Heads Will Roll" is scary, try to make it through "Y Control." I picked this song mostly because of the organ setting that's on the keyboard, and the catchy lyrics.

4. Dracula - Gorillaz

This is a bonus track off of the first Gorillaz album! Did you know they're coming back in 2016 supposedly? I'm really excited about that. Anyway, this song isn't on the list purely because of its name. The whole song has a very eerie vibe, and occasionally has samples of Dracula's voice from old movies. It's a really laid back jam, whether it's for a party or for a more corny playlist.

5. The Killing Moon - Echo and the Bunnymen

This was the song that made me really love Donnie Darko. It set the tone for the whole movie: uncanny, uncomfortable, but energetic and interesting. Pretty essential if your playlist is going the Ramones/Misfits-ish route.

6. Grave Situation Pt. 1 - The Burning Hell

This one is definitely on the more cute and corny side of Halloween. It's about a man who killed his wife and went to jail, but before going to trial, was killed by the undead corpse of his wife. Wow, I made that sound very not cute. But I swear, it is!  The husband dies of fright when she barges into his jail cell and says "Aloha, I'm back." Adorable. I picture her in a Hawaiian shirt.

7. Hell - The Squirrel Nut Zippers

Oh this is a really fun song. Think 50's swing, but in the lobby of a haunted hotel, with poltergeists playing all of the instruments. While also throwing chairs and dishes around the room. It's chaotic sound makes it a definite add on to any Halloween playlist.

8. Concrete Walls - Fever Ray

I don't know whether or not this has anything to do with Halloween, but this song scares the pants off of me. I've heard it described as "electro horror," but while it's uncomfortable, I don't think it's quite that intense. This one doesn't have any solid Halloween themes, but it's still creepy enough to include in a good, scary playlist.

9. Sober - Tool (Explicit)

Oh. My. Lord. The first time I saw this video, my sweet little high-school-freshman face contorted into a look of unmatched terror, and stayed like that til this very day. If you don't want to watch it, it can basically be summarized as a claymation music video where instead of clay, they use solidified nightmares. As for the song, it still makes me uneasy. It doesn't name drop skeletons or blood, but still creates an anxious and even claustrophobic atmosphere.

10. Graveyard's Full - The Growlers

I'll finish off this list with a song that's not super intense and scary. The Growler's are one of my favorite surf goth bands, and they change things up by having a kind of macabre vibe. This song is a perfect example of their vibe, and it's Halloween themed because... it mentions graveyards and bones? I feel like that should be the reason, but I think it's really on here because I can picture skeletons dancing to it.

There you go, that's the absolute best I can do. This was actually pretty difficult. Before I sign off for this week, here's a bonus song I didn't include. Be warned, it's very loud! But maybe it'll leave you with a good spook.

Anyways, tell us in the comments section below what songs you would add to a Halloween playlist. I'll see you guys next week.


  1. A song I've heard recently that would be awesome to put on a Halloween playlist along with your awesome picks is Little Fang by Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks.

  2. Here's a brand new one for Halloween - "The Devil's Trying To Bring Me Down" by Carly Jamison -