Sushi Express: An Actual Dine-In Restaurant

Oh I know what you're thinking...
Sushi Express.
Sushi that's fast.
Service that is fake.
Non-fresh like fast-food restaurants typically are.

Well...For this restaurant, that is not the case.

Imagine a place where they have a wide variety of different types of food (three total menus).
Ranging from a ton of different sushi rolls, Japanese food, Korean food, and a few Chinese dishes that will melt your tastes buds off due to how oriental some of the food tastes.

Imagine this marvelous place is family owned and the owners are both from Korea, as well as the Kitchen Chef whom prepares the Asian food that isn't sushi!

     For example they sell appetizers that range from gyoza (photo to the left), shrimp shumai, to even the loved Korean Tangsuyuk (fried meat), as well as Japchae (sweet potato noodle stir fry). 

     Whether you're craving sushi or not, they have over at least thirty different rolls to choose from! And on the Korean menu, they have all of the Korean favorites with recipes that came from all the way from their hometown!

      And when the weather gets cold you can always order their extremely spicy soup, known as Jjamppong. 

      This soup contain an extremely spicy broth,
(you can tell by it's color) and a different variety of fresh seafood such as, squid, mussels, shrimp, as well as octopus. 

This is all accompanied by thick delicious noodles that soaks in all of the flavor to add a delicious new flavor that many people need to try! Especially if they love spicy!
And if  you don't like spicy, you can always go with the other delicious choice of Jajangmyeon.

The Jajangmyeon is my favorite. It consists of black bean paste known as chunjang (soybean paste). I know it may seem nasty considering your food will be lathered with this dark sauce, but trust me... It is absolutely delicious! If you love asian cuisine, this is the place to be if you're craving any type of delicious Japanese or Korean dish!

The photo on the left has the Jjamppong on the left, and the Jajangmyeon on the right. These small dishes are not the actual size of the food when you get it, it was just that these two dishes are so delicious and I can never decide between the two of them! 

I always half and half the food, so I basically invite a friend just so I can do this. (I apologize to who I invite to eat Korean food with me, please don't hurt me).

And to top it off even more...
It's normal for Koreans to award anyone, who eats at their restaurant, side dishes of about seven different condiments and food that compliment the main dishes!

   It is absolutely amazing. You get up to seven different sides that range from salty, spicy, and sweet. 

   And in addition to these side dishes, at this restaurant, they allow you to get as many refills as you desire!

    Basically an all you can eat buffet, as long as you don't mind the employees wondering why you are annihilating their side dishes instead of the main dish...
But yeah, if you don't care what people think, go ahead. 
Knock yourself out! 

    The owners are wonderful people and if you ever do get a chance to meet them, they are very kind and are very fun to have conversations with. 

     The food here is relatively healthy (depending on what you order), so if you are watching your diet, dig right into that sushi and a select few different dishes!

If you don't really care, get the fried rolls, absolutely marvelous.

Feel free to check them out on Yelp! Do not let the name of this restaurant deceive you! It is an actual restaurant that has a little touch of elegance. It is also located in a good area within Stone Oak. The restaurant is rather clean as well.

Anyways, thank you for reading my blogs and hopefully you'll be able to enjoy all the food I have been trying as much as I am!