Terrifying Fashion

Make-up for Halloween that will make you look terribly gorgeous

Hey guys! I'm back! Halloween is tomorrow and I'm going to give you tips to look terrifyingly gorgeous on that night.  For those who are going to a costume party, this make up tip can have an impact to where you don't even need an actual costume to win and even, perhaps, get the attention of everybody in the room!

1. Apply an eye primer (can be waterproof if desired) all over your lid, along the crease, and right under your brow.

2. Apply a silver eye shadow right on the lid, black eye shadow along the crease (make sure to slightly smudge the black eye shadow to have it fade right up underneath the eye shadow that will go under your brows, which will be a white eye shadow.

3. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil to accentuate them and make the look more intense.

4. With a black eye pencil, draw curved lines starting from the crease of the black shadow and draw them in an outward motion to create the look of veins, ranging from heavy to light pressure to create the different intensities (do the same thing for underneath the eye as well).

5. For liner, start off with a black pencil to accentuate the eyes and then with a jet black gel eyeliner or marker, create a cat-eye look for both under the eye and over the eye (be careful not to go on your waterline, for this will be saved for the next step).

6. Using a silver eye pencil, apply it right on the waterline to not only make the cat-eye stand out, but to also create the look of much bigger and more mysterious eyes.

7. Finally, apply fake lashes to your top eye lids. You can also choose to add the bottom lids as well and you can choose any design of lashes that you want. The creativity is all up to you!