Tiny Stage. Big Performances.

Friday night was all about Parallelephants releasing their debut album. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.

  So two weeks ago, I mentioned Parallelephants' album and when it was going to be released. Let me just say the guys were nice enough to add me onto the guest list and I got to experience the whole event with the Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon, my brother and his guest.

  This past Friday was when Parallelephants had their album release event. Needless to say it was awesome. We got there super early (because who wants to deal with afternoon traffic). In the time we were waiting for the door to open, Bryan went and bought a pair of Sharpies. His goal was to have all the bands sign the official Rowdy Radio shirt he wore that night.

  All of us managed to get a FREE copy of Parallelephants' album at the door. We could've just shown up right before Parallelephants was performing, but I'm super glad we got there early. The opening bands were amazing!

Ravenhill opening up the event. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.

  Ravenhill was the first band on the roster. From first looks it was just two members. When they started performing, it was an entire different situation. They played well and stuck to their performance. After their first song, the singer apologized for having three members missing. Three members missing and they still did a good job. Bryan and I talked to them afterwards and here are some interesting facts we learned from them. Ravenhill is from Illinois. Also, it was their first time performing in San Antonio. 

Shine Penny bringing lots of energy this past Friday. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
  Up next was the band Shiny Penny. This was also another band from out of state. Shiny Penny is from Indiana. It was also their first time performing in San Antonio. They opened up their set with "Insanity". Personally, that's my favorite song from their new EP, "Wait, Don't Hold." Overall, their energy got three random people to start dancing towards the end. It was great listening to them live, because there was whole other level of energy compared to when you listen to the album. If I remember correctly, they closed their set with "More", another song from their EP "Wait, Don't Hold."

The Native Roar on stage performing. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
  The third band to perform for Parallelephants was none other than the local band The Native Roar. If your memory isn't foggy, then you probably remember Native Roar's self titled EP was discussed at the very beginning of the semester. Funny how things always come back around. These guys as well were energetic. Hopefully my ears didn't deceive me, because I thought I heard them perform new music for most of their set. This only gets better for Native Roar fans because they will soon be hitting the studios to work on their second EP. 
Parallelephants taking the stage. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.

  Finally, the coup de grace: Parallelephants. The crowd had slowly gotten bigger for each band, waiting for the moment Parallelephants would take the stage. I couldn't see anything from where I was standing ( I blame genetics for my shortness), but I was lucky enough to see some of the action through other people recording on their phones. The music was played beautifully and 95% of the people that were there had gathered around the stage. Nobody wanted Parallelephants to end their set. Want to guess what happened when they walked off stage? That's right, encore. The crowd begged for more and they got it. Parallelephants got back on stage and gave everybody the encore they deserved with "Tracing Starfish."

  It was just an entire mess after that. People were trying to hound down Danny, Thomas, Aldo, and Anna for signatures. Can't say I wasn't one of them, because I was. The funny part about this is that all the people that wanted the signatures didn't have a Sharpie.

  Earlier in the night, Bryan lost his first Sharpie to Shiny Penny. No big deal, he had an extra one. The second Sharpie was our life savor. We managed to have Thomas and Danny sign our albums before one girl asked for the Sharpie. Luckily, she gave it back. 

  There was a second girl that asked for the Sharpie, being the person that he is, Bryan didn't say no. This girl had a huge, and I mean HUGE, stack of CDs. I thought the Sharpie was gone. Good thing we kept an eye on it and got Aldo's signature as an added bonus. I feel the girl gave us the stink eye after we took it back. Should've come prepared.

  Anyways...After the night had ended, Bryan and I had a chill discussion about all the bands. In his words, he felt Best Vocals went to Ravenhill, Best Stage Presence was Shiny Penny, and Best Sound was Parallelephants. He calls them like he sees them.

Bryan's Pick for Best Vocals, Ravenhill. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
Bryan's Pick for Best Stage Presence, Shiny Penny. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
Bryan's Pick for Best Sound, Parallelephants. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
  I enjoyed every band equally. Whether it was a two member band or the headlining group, the overall concept was to have the audience engaged and each achieved that in their own way. It was an amazing night. I walked away with 5 CDs signed (I'll make sure to have Native Roar sign my copy of their EP next time), met new bands worth seeing in the future, and overheard a girl tell one of Parallelephants' band members how she was introduced to them via the UTSA Live on the Lawn event

The loot I gained from Friday's event. Courtesy of Editor-in-Chief,  Atzimba M.
  Also, Bryan walked away with his shirt signed by all the bands. By the way, keep an eye out on those shirts! You never know how each Rowdy Radio member will make it their own.

Front of shirt signed by Parallelephants and Ravenhill. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.
Back of shirt signed by The Native Roar and Shiny Penny. Courtesy of RR Programming Chair, Bryan De Leon.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to be jamming out to these albums for quite a while. Till next time 'Runners!

If you were there, tell us what you thought about the experience in the comments section below. If you weren't there, tell us what you think about the bands. We love to hear to from you!


  1. Parallelephants!

    Dang, should have gone! Still remember their performance at Sol Fest. The enegy was live and we freakin begged for an encore, glad the eboard let them play another one. Lol the looks on their faces were also priceless. "Like dang, we're that good huh?" Hell yea! Parallelephants!

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