Trendy on Campus

A man bun is the most trendy hairstyle on male college students with long hair

Hello guys! Welcome to Fashion Friday. Today I would like to talk about something that is very trendy on campus since the beginning of this semester. Lately, I have seen many guys around campus  with a particular hairstyle which is called "man bun."

First of all, let's explain what a "man bun" is. According to the website "Man Bun Hairstyle", this hairstyle is used by men with long hair which they styled into a "bun." A man bun has been used for many years but wasn't until 2014 that it become very popular around college guys. This hairstyle is mostly used by hipsters who usually combined it with their hipster beard.

Personally, I don't like men with long hair; however, I love the man bun because I think it is a very fashionable way for men to fix their long hair. We know that men do not waste their time brushing their hair and it makes them look dirty and unprofessional. This is another reason why I like man buns because they make men look cleaner and more professional.

So this is what I think about this trend on campus and I would love to hear what do the girls think about this men hairstyle?  Please leave your comments after reading this blog!

If you want to know more about men bun please click on the link below:
Man Bun


  1. In my opinion it all has to do with the environment the guy is in and if he can pull off both 1. The long hair and 2. The man bun.
    My beau for example, is one of the very few guys I've met who look very good and not dishevelled when rocking out shoulder length hair.

    Also, like us girls, some men should know they must use some kind of hair product to keep their locks looking nice.

    Great article my dear friend. I love you!!

    1. Hey friend! I just saw your post!! I love you too!!!!!! thanks for leaving your comment ;)

  2. Ugh ewww. Death to the man bun! lol

    1. Not all guys will willingly cut their bun off like your boyfriend did :P

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