[UPDATE] 28 Days Later......Tomorrow

Former assistant coach Mack Breed in front of the UIL panel
Credit to abc13.com for the photo
The Unanimous Indomitable Lawn (UIL) has ruled on the matter of Mike Moreno and Victor Rojas.

On Thursday, October 15th, the Undisputed Invulnerable Legion determined that the actions of the two boys were severe enough to warrant a suspension from UIL activities through the rest of the 2015-2016 school year. Additionally, Mullet Man (Rojas) must appear before the Undefeated Insurmountable Lords before he is able to show his mullet in extracurricular events. The decision comes over a month after the original incident, and just over two weeks after Northside Independent School District ruled to move the boys to an alternative school for the remainder of the Fall semester.

Mack Breed, a semi-professional Kobe Bryant impersonator, also received a judgement from the Universal Immortal Lasers. Despite retracting his statement and vocally fighting for his innocence, Breed received a one-year suspension from coaching that expires at the end of the Spring semester in 2016 in addition to a two-year probation that will end in the Spring of 2017. Breed made his first appearance before the state board on Thursday and testified to his innocence. Although multiple players agree that Breed ordered the hit, Breed testified that he had simply spoken his thoughts aloud. His words, "that m----- f----- needs to pay," will follow him for years to come.

Head coach Gary Gutierrez was publicly reprimanded and given a two-year probation by the Ubiquitous Indoctrinated Laws for his part in not maintaining control of the players and staff. For those of you that only heard about the mugging (it is unconfirmed whether or not Robert Watts had his wallet after leaving the stadium that night), two other players were ejected for throwing punches earlier in the game, and several unsportsmanlike penalties were given to Jay for various reasons.

UIL "We're Better Than You" Medal
Credit to isajourneys.com for the photo

All in all, the Usurping Intoxicating Liaisons flexed their muscles over the NISD. The punishments were accepted unanimously and implemented unforgivingly. Robert Watts continues to fervently deny his alleged use of racial slurs in the incident, and according to a Texas Association of Sports Officials investigation, he did not use racial slurs. Watts, for those of you who might have suffered similar head injuries, is the referee who was blindsided by Moreno and The Magnificent Mullet Man™.

Thanks for sticking around, and as always, #saynotothemullet