UTSA Day: Courtesy of RR Financing Director, Adrian Pulido
  So, this past Saturday was UTSA Day. It's an event that is offered twice a year to allow perspective freshmen to come learn and interact with what our school has to offer. It pretty much gives them a day in the life of a typical roadrunner by showing them everything from the school to housing. UTSA Day is the time where we get to show what we got, and we sure did show them. There were plenty of booths and information to represent our school just right, including some of Rowdy Radio's own members and DJs.

Adrian talking it up. Courtesy of RR Blogger Savannah S.
  Seriously, even at 8 in the morning, the DJs, Eron and Angel, had everyone hyped along with Rowdy Radio's financing director, Adrian Pulido. After 5 minutes, any hint of me being extremely tired was gone plus the fact that Eron, one of the DJs, played Sun Models by ODEZA helped a lot. ODEZA's album is my jam right now.

  Anyways, pretty soon our Rowdy Radio booth had plenty of kids coming up asking about us....or shirts, but either way it was a perfect opportunity to talk to them about our organization. Adrian was able to draw in so many people, it blew my mind. We attracted different kids with a variety of planned majors who all shared a passion for music like Robert Perr and Tyler Spainhour, who plan to major in Engineering and Education. They were two of the many kids who came up to our booth eager to learn about us. Now Rowdy Radio is a pretty cool organization, but the fact that so many hopeful future freshman were so interested in us was freaking awesome. A lot of them even followed us on Twitter, Instagram, and downloaded our app right on the spot.

With everyone asking about our nice new shirts, we decided to have two T-shirt giveaway contests. It was crazy how many people asked about our shirts. They were too psyched to follow our socials. There were even some kids who turned on our notifications. Like wow. Later on in the day, Adrian tweeted out the rules, and let's just say the contest didn't last very long. The enthusiasm was so rad.

Adrian with some of the winners of our T-shirt contest! (Savannah S.)
Overall the day was really great. The high schoolers got to come experience a day at our beautiful campus, and Rowdy Radio got great exposure. Also our DJs killed it. The music was non-stop awesome, and they got everybody pumped. I guess, we really know how to make a day really fun. Anyways thanks for reading, and we hope to see you at the next UTSA Day!