Worlds Group Stage DAY 2 (CAUTION SPOILERS)

     After last week the group stages for the 2015 League of Legends World Championship ended. The quarterfinals will start on Thursday October 15th. If you participated in the Worlds Pick'em for Group Stages then go and check out the Pick'em for the Quarter Finals here. Now for the recap for the last group stages.
Knock out stages for 2015 League of Legends World Championship.
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     Now, for all the American fans out there I'm sorry to say that none of the American teams made it out of group stages this year. Although Cloud 9 ended last week 3-0 and Counter Logic Gaming ended 2-1 neither of them took a win off of any of the teams this week and ended their Worlds trip short. However, there were still upsets and teams that were unlikely contenders for this years Finals are looking really strong.

     On the first day of the second week of groups, CLG opened with a game against Korea's KOO Tigers. CLG went on to lose that game as well as the other two games against Flash Wolves and Pain Gaming. In order for CLG to play a tiebreaker against Flash Wolves for second place in their group and advance to the quarter finals, KOO Tigers had to defeat Flash Wolves which everyone thought would be easy for the Korean team against the second seed from Taiwan. However, with a surprising upset, Flash Wolves defeated KOO Tigers and CLG's dream for Worlds ended with them playing a show game against Pain Gaming, which they ended up losing anyways. The two teams advancing from Group A are Korea's KOO Tigers and Taiwan's Flash Wolves. (btw, the Flash Wolves emblem looks mysteriously like the back of Elise's Blood Moon skin when she is in spider form. FUN FACT).

     On to the second day with Group C. Now nothing surprising happened in this group. SKT T1 ended the week 6-0 just like everyone expected them to, and they leave the group with China's EDG. The best part of the day was watching SKT T1 vs EDG because they are bitter rivals. However, SKT T1 continues their undefeated streak and secure first place in the group.
SKT in their final win against Bangkok Titans to secure their 6-0.
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     The next day Group D started off with Europe vs North America, TSM vs OG. Although the game could've gone either way, Europe takes the win. In the next game KT Rolster played LGD. LGD although thought to be a top competitor at Worlds and many already had expectations for them to be at the finals, they couldn't adapt to the new meta and lost their game against KT. However, LGD went on to beat Origen and TSM in the next two games. Although, LGD finally started picking up, they had too many losses to make it out of groups. Group D ended with Origen and KT Rolster making it  into the quarter finals with KT Rolster holding 1st place in the group.

     On the final day Group B took the stage with AHQ starting the day off against Invictus Gaming. AHQ was able to best IG in a game that everyone though IG would have come out on top. For the second game North America faced off against Europe, yet again, with America's last hope Cloud 9 vs Europe's number 1 seed Fnatic. Although Fnatic stumbled in the first week of group stages, Fnatic was able to best Cloud 9 after a pretty decisive game. The rumors of Cloud 9 hitting their peak last week were true because they left the week without a single win. Since they ended the first week 3-0 they were able to play a tie breaker against AHQ for second place and a spot in the Quarter Finals. However, AHQ secured their spot in the quarters and second place in the group only behind Fnatic who turned their play around and ended the group 1st place.
Fnatic after their win to secure 1st place in their group.
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     Starting next Thursday on October 15th, Origen will play Flash Wolves in a best of 5 and every day after that until Sunday will be a best of 5 until the semifinals a few weeks from now. Who do you think will make it to the semi finals, finals, and eventually 2015 League of Legends World Champions!?

     For more information, player/team stats, schedules, and more, check out the Worlds website here.