Worlds Has Begun. (CAUTION Spoilers)

Picture of the stadium during an Origen game
Courtesy of LoleSports
As I am sure you all know by now, League Of Legends World Championship has begun! The group stages started last Thursday, October 1, with Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming, and wow did we get a great first game. It was a bloodbath that started the West's domination through group stages, ending with Fnatic winning over Invictus Gaming.

   The rest of the day continued with Cloud 9 vs ahq e-Sports Club. During the analysts desk they had predictions on who would win this upcoming match. Cloud 9 made a miracle run through the Gauntlet a month ago to secure their spot at Worlds. Although they were able to beat North America's 3 strongest teams in a best of 5 series, while also being placed only 7th in the LCS, the analysts desk voted unanimously for AHQ to win the game.

    However, in the first of many upsets, C9 was able to completely dominate the game with Sneaky and Incarnati0n carrying their team to victory. On the same day Korea's SKT T1, 2013's Worlds Champions, placed off against Europes 3rd seed, H2K. Although everyone thought it would be a complete stomp fest for the Koreans, H2K put up a great fight in probably the closest game at Worlds so far. However, of course Faker was able to carry SKT to the W.

    The day continued with another surprising upset on Taiwan's Flash Wolves. America's own CLG was able to defeat the mighty Taiwanese team lead by SwordArt, continuing the West's domination at Worlds. All the upsets of the first day were completely unprecedented when the eastern regions, China, Korea, and Taiwan, always seemed a step above the western teams of North America and Europe. However, this Worlds seems to be a different story.

     The next day began with Korea's KT Rolster facing off against, what once was North America's strongest team, Team Solo Mid. Although TSM has always been a strong force from the West, their first game at Worlds was a little lack luster. They had no team cohesion and seemed to not understand what they were doing. As I sobbed from the sidelines, KT Rolster brings Korea a victory.

The teams competing at Worlds this year as well as the current standings.
courtesy of  loleSports
     Now continuing with the string of upsets, Europe's fresh but veteran team Origen took on and defeated China's number one seed LGD. China was arguably the strongest region coming into Worlds, however, their team LGD made a few mistakes where the veterans on Origen were able to take advantage of. Although Origen just started their debut this summer in Europe, they only have one amateur player, Niels, at the ADC role. Niels, however, did not let his inexperience affect him on the Worlds stage. He put out one of the team's highest damage and helped them overcome the powerhouse which is LGD and their defending World Champion ADC Imp.

     On the third day we started with a rematch of the finals at MSI where China's EDG faced off against Korea's SKT T1. The game was predicted to be a close blood bath where the winner could be either team. EDG got the best of SKT T1 at MSI where they baited Faker to pick Le Blanc in the last game and Pawn countered it with Morgana. However, this is no longer MSI and SKT T1 has grown so much since then. After a completely one sided game, SKT T1 came out victorious and it left EDG in shambles.

    In the game after that, H2K secured their first victory against the wild card team Bangkok Titans and LGD lost yet another game to Korea's KT Rolster. What has happened to China's strongest team?! It became the first battle between Europe and America when TSM faced off against the hype train which is Origen. In an almost one sided victory, TSM again loses to Origen. Origen is having a great showing at Worlds as of now. The next two games are yet again more upsets where C9 completely out maneuver China's Invictus Gaming (The Cinderella story is real boys), and AHQ leave Fnatic confused, with Fnatic's first actual loss in a long time.

     The last day of the week started off with yet ANOTHER upset. TSM face off on what seems to be a completely destroyed LGD and ended up winning the game giving TSM their first victory at Worlds. Origen continued their winning streak and defeated Korea's KT Rolster giving KT their first lose in Worlds.

      Invictus gaming finally grabbed their first win against AHQ but what a game it was. It tied the highest death count at Worlds ever with kills going over to both sides. After what seemed like an endless team death match Invictus Gaming came out on top.

     And probably my favorite game at Worlds so far was the Cloud 9 vs Fnatic game. Fnatic being such a dominating force in Europe and Cloud 9 falling almost out of the LCS in the Summer, everyone thought that Fnatic would clean up their gameplay and leave this game with a W. However, Cloud 9 and Hai's shot calling were able to make it a pretty good game. The game was at a stale mate almost the entire time where both teams were making some really controversial calls. However, Cloud 9's weakest link and who everyone has been giving criticism, Balls got a PENTAKILL on Darius. I don't believe I have ever yelled so loud for something that Balls did before, but oh my god was it amazing. It was Balls on Darius going on a complete dunking spree ending the game with that last team fight bringing Cloud 9's morale even higher than it was already.

Cloud 9 after their win against CLG
Courtesy of LoleSports
     The next week of Worlds will start this Thursday on October 8th with CLG having a rematch against KOO Tigers. For more information on Worlds, the schedule, statistics, or more about the teams, check out Lolesports to get the full coverage as well as the games streamed on the scheduled days. Go root for your favorite teams and have fun on the rift!