WTF is going on with this NFL Season?

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Show of hands, who imagined Josh McCown being a top 5 quarterback this season? Or the Seahawks and Ravens having losing records, better yet, the Lions starting the season 0-5? How about the fact that the Giants and Jets having winning records? Put y'all's hands down, y'all are some liars, no one saw any of this coming.

1. NFL goes over a month without any arrest or charges

All of last season revolved around NFL players getting arrested and suspended for substance abuse violations, misbehavior and majority for domestic abuse. There's been nasty history with some players in the NFL, most of whom were found guilty. Yet players always figured they'd be the only exception. After Ray Rice was found guilty, things seemed to get worse. Greg Hardy was guilty of domestic abuse, as was Ray McDonald and T.J. Ward. Some of these players and more only served probation. I mean, should their punishment be worse? I don't know, but that's another story. Anyways after a shaky year last season, when there was literally at least one case a month, it has died down. It's been over a month since a case was reported, and hopefully we can keep it that way.

2. Josh McCown the GOAT

Bears fans must be kicking themselves. Josh McCown has had an outstanding year so far, and it looks like only injuries can slow him down, but that might be enough. He didn't start the first two games of the season because of injuries, but since his return, he's been on fire. This past weekend he set a franchise record of 457 yards in the overtime victory against the Ravens. It's still early in the season, but don't be surprised if McCown finishes as a top 5 quarterback; he's got the potential.

3. Who the freak are Willie Snead, Travis Benjamin, and Gary Barnidge?

Travis Benjamin is beginning to blossom as the Browns top receiver. Whether it's Johnny Football, or Josh McCown under center, Benjamin seems to be getting it done. Same goes for Barnidge, like, who the freak knew of this guy before this season? The Saints have found another weapon in Willie Snead. Besides Brandin Cooks, Drew Brees didn't have any targets. I mean, who was he going to throw it to? Marques Colsten? The Saints signed Snead after his impressive performance on the practice squad, and he's proving to be a reliable target.

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4. Terrible start for these teams.

Well well well, oh how the mighty have fallen. Who would have guessed that the Detroit Lions would have the worst record in the league right now? They're currently winless. That means the Buccaneers, Jaguars and Raiders have a better record than the Lions. Matthew Statford has been playing like crap, and Megatron hasn't been doing much except losing a fumble on the game winning touchdown, but that too, is another story. The Ravens (1-4) aren't looking too hot either, nor are the Seahawks (2-3). However, the Seahawks have the best chance to turn their season around; even though the Seahawks have 3 losses, they still look good, and so do the Ravens. We'll see what the rest of the season holds. 

5. Doug Freaking Martin

So a couple of weekends ago, I was talking to one of my friends as we watched the Sunday games. We were talking football and Doug Martin came up. He was telling me "Yeah man, Martin isn't doing anything, he's not good anymore. When was the last time he ran for 100 yards?" I was like, "I don't know man, but watch him go off this week." Sure enough Martin had his first 100-yard game in a long while. He followed that performance up with a monstrous game performance this past weekend with about 130 scrimmage yards and 3 touchdowns. 3! He was a big reason as to why I lost in fantasy football this week -_-. But I'd like to see how long this lasts.

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6. Commentator's Curse?

I'm a huge fan of superstitions, and I love the idea. Do I believe in it? I don't know, maybe, but it sure is fun to think superstitions exist over coincidence. I was watching this past Sunday's game with some friends again and the game that was on was the Packers vs. Rams. As we were watching, the commentators talked about how great Aaron Rodgers is, how he hasn't thrown an interception at home since 2012. They brought up statistics and images showing how amazing Rodgers was doing, and sure enough Rodgers threw his first pick of the season ending his no-interception-at-home streak. But wait, there's more! He ended up throwing another interception, and he also lost a fumble. Despite his mishaps, he still had a stellar outing, ultimately coming out with the win. The curse continued as we watched the Falcons and Redskins game. The commentators praised Falcons' kicker Matt Bryant, saying how fantastic he's been throughout his career and how he's one of the most accurate kickers in the NFL. Guess what? Bryant missed two field goals that game. Thanks Commentators, thanks for making things a lot more interesting with your repetitive comments and curses.

There's so much more happening in the NFL that's just "WTF?" and I barely scratched the surface. Keep in touch and stay updated. There's still a lot of football this season, and still a lot that could happen.

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