WTF NFL Week 7

So much football goes on in a week, and you can't watch all the games unless you have NFL League Pass, and even then, there aren't enough hours in the day to watch every game in detail. Here are five memes and videos I caught this week. Let me know if I missed anything! Post your memes below!

Cowgirls, I mean boys, fall apart (Photo Credit:NFL Memes facebook page)

1. Cowboys start to Crumble

  The Dallas Cowboys got off to a good start going 2-0 the first two games. Unfortunately, during that time, they lost some key players in Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. Since Romo went down, the Cowgirls, I mean, boys, have lost four straight games. I really believed they had the skill set to at least win one of those games. With Romo out, they have been struggling to find a reliable quarterback. They completely lost faith in Brandon Weeden and I don’t blame them. But this past Sunday, Matt Cassel didn’t look any better. Although, Cassel is new to the team, so give him some time. Anyways, the Cowboys continue to struggle and they are slowly becoming irrelevant. They eagerly await the return of Bryant and Romo, both of which may come back in week 9. Hopefully for Cowboys fans, it won’t be too late.

Sad J.J. Watt (Photo Credit: NFL Memes facebook page)

2. Houston we have a problem

  Since their bye week, and the firing of Joe Philbin, the Miami Dolphins have looked like a new team. Thank god I started their defense in fantasy. The Dolphins had their way with the Houston Texans this past weekend. I had high hopes for the Texans this season, but they are certainly trending in the wrong direction. 41-0 was the score at the half. Come on Texans, you’re better than that!

Ryan Mallett gets cut by the Texans (Photo Credit: NFL Memes Facebook Page)

3. Ryan Who?

  It gets better for the Texans: they decided to waive Ryan Mallett yesterday. Mallett has been an under-the-radar drama queen. After Coach Bill O’Brien named Brian Hoyer the starting QB for the season opener, Mallett missed practice during the following weeks. Mallett eventually got the starting gig, but lost it to Hoyer shortly after. He then proceeded to miss the team’s flight this past weweeke to Miami and decided to show up late to the team meetings on Saturday. The rest of the season looks bleak for the Texans, so we’ll see what happens.

4. Browns being Browns

  Oh Cleveland, how do you feel about your teams this year? Your Cavaliers were number two in power rankings for this season. With all the hype surrounding the team, they managed to lose on opening night. In their defense it was against a very good Chicago Bulls team. Anyways, here we see the Browns doing Browns things. But honestly this year’s Browns team is a lot better than it has been in the past couple of years. Josh McCown (#13 in the video) and company has caught a lot of us by surprise. Despite being 2-5 they’ve been pretty good. McCown is a promising quarterback, and I’m excited to see where his career goes. Let’s just forget this happened, I mean, at least he didn’t fumble the ball off someone’s butt during Thanksgiving in front of millions of people. I’m looking at you Mark Sanchez!

5. Cousins gets fired up

  This is by far my favorite video this week. The Washington Redskins were down big on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, they made a clutch comeback leading up to the last ticks of the game. In this video you can see how fired up Kirk Cousins is. I mean, I understand his passion, but I can’t help but laugh. Like I can’t take him seriously after seeing this video. Anyways, Congrats on the win against the “mighty” Buccaneers. But seriously, comebacks are always special, no matter who your opponent is.


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