49er Fans are Freaking Savages

Colin Kaepernick aka Squidward (Photo Credit: Pintrest/pbs.twimg.com)
   Fans can be cruel, and sometimes the best fans are your worst fans. In recent news, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick has been benched for back up QB Blaine Gabbert for their next game against the Falcons.

  Kaepernick has went from stud to dud within a few years. After leading the 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII, Kaepernick is being benched for his below-than-average performance this year. His 15 minutes of fame may finally be over. We saw a decline in his game since last season and he just can't get it together. The 49ers currently hold a record of 2-6 and Jim Tomsula has had enough. They will put their faith in Gabbert, hoping he'll do a better job than Kaep has done this season.

Sooo, after Sunday's loss, someone decided to be a funny guy and posted Kaepernick for sale on Amazon.

Kaepernick for sale on Amazon! (Photo Credit: NFL Memes Facebook Page)
  Fans have no chill at all. But that's just the world we live in. After posting disappointing stats and results week after week, 49er fans have had enough of Kaepernick, and are looking for someone to take him and his $114 million contract away from San Francisco. 

  But of course, this is fake, and someone didn't actually put Kaepernick up for sale. However, I do find this hilarious. There's memes every week that make fun of Kaep, and other easy targets, but it's all in good fun. The dude has just looked plain terrible this year. Sometimes you wonder if Kaepernick actually looks out onto the field. On Sunday he missed a wide open Torrey Smith for an easy first down conversion, and decided to hand the ball off for no gain. (Unfortunately I could not find the video, but as you can see from the picture, Smith was open. Even if he didn't get the first down, those were easy yards.) 

Kaep hands ball off instead of throwing to a wide open Smith (Photo Credit: NFL Memes Facebook Page)
  But honestly, I'm not sure how much better Gabbert is going to be. I think the 49ers have a better chance at winning games with Kaep, he just needs to get it together. Maybe Gabbert getting the nod over him will motivate Kaep to clean up his act. Anyways, I believe "Squidward" will have better days ahead.