Andre Carranz: A Man Alone

Andre Carranz
Photo taken from Andre Carranz' Soundcloud
It's time for Battle of the Bands, a fierce competition where many enter for the opportunity to put their lyrical swords to the test. Metal clashes with metal in this all-out war for bragging rights (and a cash prize). But there's one exception: Andre Carranz.

With guitar in hand and no one else to share the stage with, Carranz will stray from the norm: he's playing an acoustic set. He will have no one else to shoulder the load. Getting the crowd pumped, providing a great sound, and performing better than all the other bands is just a little bit of what he'll have to overcome to leave his mark on this historic event. The question is: is he up to the task?

Artistic Rendition of Andre's performance
Picture courtesy of Bryan De Leon
Carranz is an Optimistic Man; he'll bring the energy, he's got the vocals, and he's certainly a talented guitarist. As he takes the stage next Friday, all eyes will be on Andre, who looks like he's just starting high school. Maybe the baby-face will work in his favor as some music-lovers prefer the wide-eyed look to the steely, stern face of a rock demon.

History is in the works next week: Rowdy Radio will host its first Battle of the Bands, we'll have our first winner in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and Carranz will perform the first solo act in our brief history. Will it be enough to crown him king of the mountain? Will he have it all? Meet us at Josabi's to find out!