Aquarium Sounds Surfaces

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  Battle of the Bands is upon us and you deserve to know a little about the bands that will be performing on stage. This time I give you Aquarium Sounds.

Aquarium Sounds is one of those bands people haven't heard of. Well, what band haven't we heard of? That's the whole point of this event. It's to provide you, the audience, with the experience of meeting new bands and supporting local music.

Their sound is pretty chill. If you listened to the song on the voting page, then you know what I mean. You can find that same song on their bandcamp page.

  It's about 3 minutes of the band playing live in a studio. The instrumental sound helps establish them as diy-garage-psychedelic rock. It's pretty hard to find a good modern instrumental piece, yet Aquarium Sounds managed to do it.

  Listen to them live at Josabi's November 20! Don't forget to buy your tickets beforehand. But, if you don't you can always show up at the door and buy the tickets there. 

We'll see you there.

Follow Aquarium Sounds at Bandcamp.