Artist Bio: Fulcrum Lake

Fulcrum Lake is set to take the stage at Josabi's for Rowdy Radio's Battle of the Bands November 20th. Fulcrum Lake (Left to Right- Steve Giro, Daniel Murata, Michael Murata, and Brandon "BZ" Zielinski.) Photo Credit and Information: Fulcrum Lake Facebook Page.
  Originating from south central Texas, Fulcrum Lake is an alternative-hard rock band. The band was formed by lead singer, lyricist and rhythm guitarist, Daniel Murata. Throughout the years, the band has gone through several transformation. Lyrics from their songs, “You say you’ve only just begun” and "Sights and Sounds” best describes who and how they got to where they are today. Fulcrum Lake consists of Daniel Murata, Brandon “BZ” Zielinski on Lead Guitar, Steve Giro on Bass Guitar, and Daniel’s brother, Michael Murata on Drum and backing vocals.

  Fulcrum Lake has a familiar sound, a sound similar to heavy metal band, Killswitch Engage. Though similar, Fulcrum Lake is still very much different and original. Their sound and lyrics have been called “spiritual” and “mysterious.” The band thrives on Daniel’s melodic vocals and heavy guitar rhythms, while Brandon “BZ” draws in listeners with fast and memorable rifts. Steve and Michael bring their sound together with a rhythmic foundation of drums and bass. The additions of Steve and BZ have brought more life and depth to their music.

  Fulcrum Lake has released two self-produced EPs (Subster, 2009 and Verto, 2012) and has performed at venues in San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, and other south central Texas towns.

  Fulcrum Lake will be performing at UTSA Rowdy Radio's first Battle of the Bands concert this year, November 20th 6:00pm at Josabi's. I encourage everyone to check out their music and come out to the show! If you want Fulcrum Lake to win Rowdy Radio's first ever BOTB, come out to the show and support them!

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