Head for the Hills Festival: Wave 2 Announced!

         So one of my favorite festivals is coming up in the springtime. It's been around for a few years and I have been attending every year and loving it! Get ready for Head for the Hills Music and Art Festival in Kerrville, Texas! This one is more on the local side unlike the huge ones like Austin City Limits in Austin or Lights All Night in Dallas.

         This one is pretty new and has been going on for 3 years and they are getting ready for round 4! I love this festival because of the local feel and how community driven it is. Every single year they book some pretty amazing acts along with some awesome headliners. It's run by people right here in the state of Texas and keeps growing every single year. I look forward to this fest every year and I cannot wait to check out what it is going to be waiting for me when I set foot at Quiet Valley Ranch in late March.

Ozric Tentacles

        They have just announced the second wave of the lineup of artists that are going to be playing with still one more wave to come. So far they have revealed that Ozric Tentacles and Kung Fu are going to be two of the main acts for the upcoming year. Ozric Tentacles is a Psychadelic rock band from England that has been around since 1983! Ozric has released a total of 29 albums as of 2015 and has sold over a million albums worldwide despite never having major label backing! I have never seen these guys but I have heard very good things about them and I am positive they will bring the groove!

Kung Fu is one of the bands that is quickly propelling the new-funk genre forward. The band draws influences from early Headhunters and Weather Report. Combining a full ensemble of instruments as well as electronic elements, Kung Fu has become a staple in the movement to keep funk alive with bands like The Motet, Earphunk, and Lettuce! Kung Fu has gathered a pretty big following and has brought its music all over the world! I have been jamming these guys recently and every time I do I can't help but get down and dirty!

Kung Fu
This next Heady Hills is going to have the biggest and most diverse lineup yet, and I cannot wait to venture back to the countryside to be part of this amazing experience once again!