Hidden Breakfast Gem in San Antonio

As a food lover, one of my absolute favorite things is breakfast, pancakes in particular. 
And this place reminded me why:


Stack of goodness.
Courtesy of yelp.com
  I was introduced to this place as a surprise breakfast date... at 7 a.m. Yes, 7 a.m. But it was entirely worth the moody and groggy drive.  To start off, we almost passed up the restaurant as it is literally, a hidden gem.

Can you spot it?
Courtesy of yelp.com
   As we drove to what was raved to be one of the best breakfast joints in San Antonio, I annoyingly wondered why we had to be here so early. Ultimately, we saved ourselves the long lines and hours of waiting. The place is small and extremely popular, you do the math.

   But it is popular for good reason. If you visit this breakfast haven and have to wait, it will be worth every second. Why?

The food.

Just look at that bacon.
   So let's get to it. No longer moody but still sleepy, I walked into Pancake Joe's and thought "Oh my god, it smells amazing" and said "mmmm", then looked at my date and smiled the biggest smile. I felt as if I was walking into a warm and homey kitchen full of all the goodness of a homemade breakfast.

   Although this place is called Pancake Joe's, there is of course many other options available for you to try. And they're all so good. Personally, I had the privilege to taste a variety of items on the menu; eggs Benedict, a croissant bacon and egg sandwich, their french toast perfection, the best hash browns I've ever had, and an original stack of pancakes with warm maple syrup.

   My favorites were pretty much ALL OF IT.

   The hash browns are the perfect amount of crispy (it's hard to cook hash browns perfectly, but Pancake Joe's has got it down). The eggs Benedict are soft and heavenly, paired with the best thing in life; bacon. If you've never tried eggs Benedict I truly from the bottom of my food-loving-heart recommend starting here.

Photo by Dora S.  
  The pancakes are so fluffy and have that homemade appeal and taste. You're going to spend sometime debating which pancakes to order, since you have so many options. In the end whatever you pick, you'll be extremely satisfied. I recommend the bacon pancakes. BACON pancakes.

Pancake options galore.
Courtesy of yelp.com
  Next, is the croissant sandwich. It is to die for, not only because it has crispy sizzling bacon in it, but because the cheese is actually hot and cheesy, and the croissant is warm, flaky and buttery.

Courtesy of Dora S.
  By the time I got to the french toast I was satisfyingly full. But I couldn't stop eating. This sweet, french toast is the epitome of what breakfast should be. Delicious.

Courtesy of Dora S.
   Altogether, Pancake Joe's has mastered all breakfast foods imaginable.  I believe my mom may secretly be one of the chefs in the kitchen, because the food is out of this world delicious, comforting, and made from scratch. With over three hundred and fifty reviews on yelp and an outstanding 4.5 stars, you have to give them a visit. Especially if you live in San Antonio!

Here's where to find them.

Bon Appétit!