I’m Done, I Don’t Know Football Anymore

Eli Manning (Photo Credit: cover32.com
I thought last year was a strange year for football, but this year has been pretty crazy as well. I thought I knew football, but I give up, I don’t know football. We’re coming up on week 11 and it’s far into the season to use the excuse that "there’s still time left in the season to turn things around." Let’s go through a few things I thought wouldn’t happen this season.

1 Panthers got Game

Okay, so I never liked the Carolina Panthers, I believe they’ve been mediocre for many years, but this year they’re proving me wrong. Looking at their schedule this year I wasn’t convinced the Panthers deserved to be undefeated. But after they defeated the Green Bay Packers in week 9, I was convinced they got the talent.

2 What’s going on Green Bay?

Speaking of Green Bay, after their loss against the Broncos in week 8, it seems that Aaron Rodgers and company have imploded. They looked awful against the Broncos, but I gave them a pass because the Broncos have the best defense in the league, and defense wins games, plain and simple. After losing their game, the Packers lost their second against the Panthers, and I still gave them the benefit of the doubt, praising the Panthers rather than questioning the Packers. But the Packers lost against the Lions this week. I can’t give them another pass. The Lions have looked terrible this season, and the Packers offense just hasn’t done the same as it did at the start of the season. Not to mention some key players on defense have been injured. I mean the Lions are still a good team despite their record, but the Packers are supposed to have an elite offense, the best in the league. However, they have lost three straight games, so is it time to start worrying? Or is it time for another Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X speech?

Peyton Manning (Photo Credit: cbssports.ccom)
3 Time to call it quits Peyton?

Since I brought up the Denver Broncos, they’re another team that has imploded. After their win against the Packers, they were on top of the world, but they soon crashed back down to Earth after taking their first loss against Peyton’s old team, the Colts. All year Peyton Manning has looked like garbage. He had a few decent games here and there, but he’s looked just straight up awful. Hall of Famer, the MVP from two seasons ago who shattered records, is playing like the worst QB ever. He’s been one of the worst starting QBs this season. As much as I love Peyton, maybe it’s time for him to call it quits.

4 Johnny Football gets the nod

With the GOAT, Josh McCown, on the sidelines due to injuries the past few weeks, Johnny Manziel has been starting. Manziel has played fairly decent the past few weeks, but I don’t believe he has been playing better than McCown. McCown was looking like an elite QB earlier this season, but now they’re benching him, even when he returns. Manziel has gotten the nod to start the rest of the season, and unless he plays terribly, I don’t think McCown will see the field anytime soon. I guess since they used a first round pick on Johnny Football, they feel obligated to give him a shot. If I were them, I’d stick with McCown, but ehh, what do I know?

Larry Fitzgerald (Photo Credit: azcardinals.com)
5 Revitalized Careers

After like two, three years of Sports Experts saying Larry Fitzgerald will have a huge comeback year, Fitzgerald is finally having a great comeback season. Last season, there were talks about if Fitz should hang up his jersey after this season, but with the way he’s been playing, Fitz may want to stick around. This year seems to be the year of comebacks, mainly for the Arizona Cardinals. Carson Palmer is looking like a top 5 QB, while Chris Johnson is finding his place in Arizona. After years of being injured, Darren McFadden looks healthy and is running well in Dallas. He has always had the talent, but has never stayed healthy long enough for it to matter.