Night at the Korova: Subhumans!

  I ventured back to downtown San Antonio to check out another head bangin' show at the Korova. This time I was able to get up close and personal with some amazing local and national names in the punk scene! The headliner for the night was Subhumans and opening up for them was Equinox, Potato Pirates and Lower Class Brats. This lineup is a powerhouse in the punk community and I was stoked to have the opportunity to see these guys.

Photo cred: G. Patino
  First up was Equinox, a band straight out of Austin, TX. The first thing that caught my eye was the stage presence of their female vocalist. This chick was killin' it with some harsh and powerful vocals that complimented the slew of distortion being dished out by the band. It was my first time seeing them live and I definitely recommend you guys check them out. Best part is they are from Austin and they are always getting personal with fans. I was able to talk to the band after they played their set and got everything packed up. They are some interesting people with some pretty cool ideas. They set the tone for the rest of the night and it got the moshes started!

Photo cred: G. Patino
  Next were The Potato Pirates out of Denver, Colorado. Their set was just as great as their name. These guys brought the thunder and kept the blast-beats thumping all the way through. The crowd was starting to get bigger and rowdier as these guys kept playing. I noticed these guys had a pretty intimate following in San Antonio because there were a lot of people singing along and losing their minds when they announced the next song on the set list. Their influences include bands like Minor Threat, the Briggs, Sick of it All, Choking Victim, and Suicide Machines. The band expressed how they themselves were excited about opening for such a big name like the Subhumans. It truly was a remarkable honor to do so.

Photo Cred: G. Patino
  Lower Class Brats came on to set the bar for Subhumans. They are also from Austin, Texas and they love playing in San Antonio than most places, because of the support that they have had from this city.  I have heard these guys before and I knew the show that was waiting ahead. At this point the crowd was as rambunctious as could be and the mosh as powerful as ever. I found myself slipping on beer and sweat and hitting the floor many times as I attempted to dance and rage along to the punky tunes. The vibe from the crowd was unbelievable and the band kept feeding off their energy as well. I didn't think it could have gotten crazier than that but boy was I wrong...

  The Subhumans took a little longer to get on stage but that wait made the show much better. If you haven't heard of them before, you should check out all their music. They are straight up old school Brit-punk and have been around since the 80's! They are very respected in the punk community and always sound amazing live. The crowd went absolutely insane when they started playing. On top of the mosh pit that took up most of the general area in front of the stage, people were managing to crowd surf onto the stage and cause more ruckus! From beginning to end, they had the crowd in the zone and wanting more with an encore and everything. These guys were on my bucket list to see live and now I can cross that off. They ended with some of their most recognized tunes. The love and support in the room was phenomenal. This clocks in two great shows that I have been able to see at The Korova and I plan on going back for many many more.