Overstaying His Welcome: Jason Garrett Needs to Go

Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett
photo from endzonescore.com
The Dallas Cowboys have had a dismal season since Tony Romo's untimely collarbone fracture. Once believed to have Super Bowl expectations, America's team has dropped 7 straight and sits at the bottom of the NFC East behind the .500 or below Giants, Redskins and Eagles.

It seems to be incident after incident starting with the demotion of former Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, aka the underwear thief, and ending with the most recent actions of Greg Hardy. Hardy, who missed the first four games to suspension, recently skipped out on a team meeting. His play, which was heralded in his first few weeks with the Cowboys, has been lackluster as of late, and it is becoming apparent that he might be harmful to the culture the Cowboys are trying to promote.

Cowboys Defensive End Greg Hardy
photo from dallasnews.com
Another troubled teammate is Dez Bryant. The star wide receiver held out for a better contract and was available for Week 1, but since returning from injury, he has not done much to back up his payday. His sideline antics and media tirades are inexcusable given his lack of effectiveness in the Matt Cassel offense. If Dez is the receiver he wants us to believe he is, he cannot let himself be affected the way he has been by the media, his opponents, or his lack of targets. In 12 targets, Dez managed to make only 5 catches, and let a pass -with the game on the line- get intercepted in the endzone without so much as a lunge in the direction of the ball. Instead, he chose to raise his arms as no flag was thrown for contact he had received.

Dez Bryant giving up the game-sealing interception
photo courtesy of portal.tds.net
The loss to Tampa was the final nail in the coffin on the Cowboys' hopes of a playoff berth. At 3 games back from the Giants, and no opportunities to face them again, the Cowboys must play near-perfect football to have a chance at winning the division in Week 17 against the Redskins. But, that's not the important issue.

Former head coach Wade Phillips and current coach Jason Garrett
photo courtesy of bleacherreport.com
Since taking over from Wade Phillips, head coach Jason Garrett has had 3 8-8 seasons, and last year's 12-4 stunner. Although he has had to contend with injuries to several key players, Garrett has not done an effective job with his remaining roster, losing 5 of the past 7 games by 7 points or fewer. In all of those losses, the Cowboys held a lead at some point. We've known for a while that Garrett doesn't have the offensive playcalling mind. He lost that job to Scott Linehan a while back, and he's proven to be as bad at calling plays as he is at clock management. Now it's becoming apparent he's even worse at ego management.

In a league where moral victories don't exist, Garrett has failed to win even a single game against numerous sub-.500 opponents. Injuries aside, Garrett is a pushover coach who makes excuses for his team and provides hollow insight about what needs to be done to correct their mistakes. The only reason he's still around is because Jerry Jones can tell him what to do and Garret will dance like a puppet. It's time for Stephen Jones to take over ALL football decisions, and that includes coaching personnel. Garrett would probably do well as an assistant coach, provided he doesn't call plays, but we've seen his greatest feats, and they're too few to give him any real value as a head coach.

As the Cowboys enter the final 7 weeks of the season, they're faced with few options: push for the best record possible or tank for the draft; continue to live with Greg Hardy's negative appeal or cut him; reprimand Dez's selfish behavior or let him be; retain head coach Jason Garrett or fire him. This organization is full of surprises, so keep your eyes open for the next big event.