Let's get this out of the way first so that we can get to the good preseason stuff. SKT T1 gave KOO Tigers the honor of taking SKT T1's first win off them. However, SKT T1 ended up becoming the World Champions just as everyone predicted. Faker and Bengi winning for the second time, once in 2013 and now. The first 3 games between them were really really close and could've gone either way, however SKT T1 whipped out the big guns in the last game and completely demolished KOO Tigers with Faker's Ryze.

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     Instead of nerfing everything into the ground like Riot is used to, they decided they will just make everything OP in order to balance it. They took a role that was almost just an AA bot and made it so diverse that you actually have to think on how/who you want to play. They reworked Miss Fortune, Corki, Kog'maw, Graves, Caitlyn, and Quinn.

  Miss Fortune got crit added to her ult and her passive where she deals bonus damage every time she hits a different target. Corki's passive deals magic damage, his Q now scales with AD, his E now deals mixed damage, his W, omg his W, so at 8 minutes a package spawns and every 3 minutes after, when Corki picks up this package from his base he gains a movement speed bonus and next time he uses his W he basically casts a bigger Rumble ult wherever he flies over.

   Kog'maw's W now increases range and can increase his attack speed to 5 which is literally a gattling gun. He is currently perma ban in PBE. If an enemy champ walks into a Caitlyn trap then her next shot on them will headshot no matter what. Quinn can now toggle her ult and is now carried by Valor and she keeps her same abilities and only gains a movement speed buff and keeps the damage when she toggles out but not as much damage. They also took the blind off of her Q and does aoe plus execute damage.

   Graves is completely different now, Jungle Graves is apparently now really successful. His Q shoots in a straight line and all the damage comes at the end of the skill where it explodes, if it hits terrain it will explode immediately, if not then it will fly into the air and make a T and explode. His W does the same shiz, except now it instantly darkens vision and can cancel autos. Graves' E no longer increases attack speed and now adds an extra bullet. Now what do I mean by extra bullet you might ask? Well his new auto is like a shotgun, shoots 4 bullets and does more the more you land. It can no longer go through minions so you can not have anything infront of whatever you are shooting at. Furthermore, after every 2 shots he has to reload which takes 1.5 seconds. His crits now shoot 8 bullets and with an IE he shoots 10 bullets. His ult now knocks him back slightly. He isn't the only one getting knocked back because since he is shooting a double barrel shotgun he knocks back anything that he shoots at, giving him ultimate kite ability in the jungle.

     Now with all the ADC talk out the way, I would like to start with the new items, but I haven't even gotten to try them all out so I'll talk about it more once I get a better grasp on the items. Top lane now has a Rift Herald which sits in the baron bit pre 20 minutes. Whoever last hits the Rift Herald will get a temporary baron buff and that means only for one person. Yay, no more top lane island.

  I will cover more about the pre-season changes next time. Let me know what you think about the changes as well as your own opinions on what's good in the comment section below. Good Luck Summoners.


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