Shifts in the Paradigm of League of Legends

New Queue set up, teaser for next blog.
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  The entire game play of League of Legends is on the brink of total rehabilitation. Just like last years preseason where they messed with the jungle, this year their theme is AD Carry. To start off the changes, they pretty much took all the marksman and took 6 AD off of their scaling and added it to their base AD to help aid their early game.

  Further more, the changes to Last Whisper hurt the ADCs late game as well, the 30% armor pen now only applies to bonus armor instead of all armor. So does that really seem that bad? Well take a champ like Malphite, at level 18 his base armor is 92.1. That is basically a whole item that you can't penetrate. This is Riot's way of shortening game time for League of Legends, cause I mean come on, who wants to be playing the same match for 30+ minutes?

  Zeal now has 4 item build paths, Ruunaan's Hurricane which is for big 5v5 team fighting (yes that means Ruunaan's Hurricane now has crit chance), Statik Shiv is for split pushing, Phantom Dancer for 1v1 (new passive where the last person to attack you does 12% less damage), Rapid Fire Cannon is great for that hard pressed siege because, just like how Statik Shiv stacks, RFC will increase your attack range and damage for one shot, meaning you can single auto a tower while out of its range every time your RFC is stacked.

Rapid Firecannon that RFC
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  AND FOR ALL THOSE BlooThirster users, they buffed Essence Reaver, boys. It no longer gives any health back but now it gives crit chance and CDR up to 30 based off of crit chance.

Essence Reaver AKA BlooThirster
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  This isn't just all about ADC however, support role got some TLC. You can now build the 3 support items out of a sightstone. This means that  you will no longer get the active for that support item but it frees up a slot where a normal sightstone would be.

  However, do not fret support mains, they are keeping the old build paths as well, in case your team really needs the active. They also messed with sightstone, the Ruby Sightstone now reduces active cooldowns by 10% and holds 4 charges.

  Furthermore, since they removed green wards from the game, every champion starts with an upgraded trinket, even better they buy you a trinket if you attempt to leave base without one. We have all had those days where we get to lane and try to ward the side brush and realize that we forgot our trinket. That's life or death right there for an unsuspecting laner.

Upgraded trinkets AYEEE
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Ruby Sightstone
Courtesy of Surrenderat20
 Lastly, there is a new mechanic where you can see the dead rotted corpses of wards. Yes that means enemy wards as well, so incase you missed that great animation where the enemy's ward dies, you can see a nice little grave stone for it in the place they put it. Prepare for a very full map, boys. 

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