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With the introduction of the new preseason, Riot Games decided to release a plethora of new skins. WOOOOO! Okay so the most expensive skin coming out, and for good reason, is the Dragon Trainer Tristana skin. Like all legendary skins, Dragon Trainer Tristana has new skill animations and even better, her weapon is A F****** DRAGON, like what? Also, to top it all off, one of the cutest death animations ever, when Tristana falls in battle, her dragon, or weapon, crawls to her, licks her face, and cuddles up next to her. How sad, and cute, but still sad. Of course, this skin will fall in line with the Dragon Trainer Lulu skin and let's all hope that they release more of them and, who knows, they might do some kind of collab with the Dragon Slayer skins.

Dragon Trainer Tristana
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Next up is the new set of skins, and, I'm not saying anything, but Lord of the Rings reference? First off, the Gravelord Azir skin. Okay you can't tell me he doesn't look like Sauron from Lord of the Rings. Like, come on, look at this-

Gravelord Azir
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What I also thought was interesting was that his soldiers are holding different weapons. Some soldiers hold spears while some hold pikes.

Another addition to this set of skins is the Elderwood Hecarim-- I mean Horse Ent. This skin makes Hecarim look like an elk-tree-spirit-monster thing and even though I don't own Hecarim, I'm looking to start learning him in the jungle so I can buy this skin and blend in with the trees and pull off some successful ganks. Aye.
Elderwood Hecarim
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Continuing with our theme of Medieval times, Gragas Caskbreaker takes the stage. He resembles Bombur from The Hobbit mixed with a little of the Sun Knight from Dark Souls (Praise the Sun). If you want to run around like a big d-bag and throw casks of brew at people, then this skin can make you the obnoxious gamer that you've longed to be.

Gragas Caskbreaker
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If you were looking for a Ryze skin that looks like an old style mage, like Merlin from the King Arthur legends, then BAM! Riot has answered your prayers. The upcoming Ryze Whitebeard is basically the definition of an old man wizard and is probably the only reason why I am spamming Ryze right now in normals.
Ryze Whitebeard
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What would be a medieval skin set without an archer? Good thing we have the perfect champion for that, VARUS. This skin, named Swiftbolt Varus, has a pretty cool Q animation. Varus' Q, while winding up, will split into 4 separate wooden parts making it look like Varus is shooting an arrow out of a MEGA BOW. Since I main midlane, trying out this new Varus skin in midlane with the new items is gonna be a good ol' time for me.

Swiftbolt Varus
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Our last skin and probably the beefiest looking skin in this set is the Braum Lionheart skin. Like wow, this guy literally looks like a raid boss, or one of those hidden SURPRISE bosses that you randomly encounter in Dark Souls. Looking at Braum Lionheart's shield it reminds me vaguely of one of Goofy's shields from the Kingdom Hearts series, but who knows. All I do know is that Braum Lionheart is gonna start taking over botlane with his unbelievable tankiness.

Braum Lionheart
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Although these skins are currently only out for PBE, when they hit live I'm sure that people are gonna start dishing out cash for it. I already know that a few friends of mine have bought subway giftcards in order to buy food and to buy these skins. (Fun fact if you didn't know, Riot accepts Subway giftcards in exchange for riot points, just check out redeem codes in the shop.)

Good luck Summoners.