STS9 @ Austin Music Hall
  Sound Tribe Sector Nine played a show this past Friday and it was freaking amazing! They tore it up at Austin Music Hall with special guest Break Science! I saw Break Science at a festival earlier this year in Oklahoma, but I was only able to see the last fifteen minutes of their set (which blew my mind, by the way) and I told myself I was not going to miss their set this time around.

  I had been given a second chance. I also had never experienced an STS9 show before and my friends were telling me it is definitely an experience to be had. What made this event even more special is the fact that this was one of the last shows that was ever going to happen at Austin Music Hall because they are tearing it down pretty soon. What a great show to end this venue's long run.

Break Science
Photo Cred: G. Patino
    Break Science went on first and played a surprisingly short set, but regardless I was left in complete shock. I was so thankful to be seeing them in such an intimate environment and they did not disappoint. Everyone in the crowd was feeling it and good vibes were warming up the venue. I met a ton of amazing people there and there is no doubt in my mind I will be seeing them again the next chance I get.
  Break Science is two dudes from New York that came onto the electronic scene pretty recently. They use Ableton, a set of keys and a drum set to project magical sounds into your ears. These guys' production is seamless and they collaborate so well together. They are definitely someone you want to check out.
Photo Cred: G. Patino
 At around 9:30 or so after Break Science left the stage, I witnessed STS9 come on the stage and start making beautiful music. I closed my eyes and just let the music take me. They played two sets and the intermission in between was just a mesmerizing comeback to reality and me asking other people if they just experienced the same thing I did. These guys have been around for a lot longer and have picked up an incredibly close fan base along the way. They formed in Atlanta, Georgia about 15 years ago and have been playing at some of America's largest music festivals and selling out shows at venues for quite some time. They are a group that has not even begun to peak and I believe they will be selling out shows for years to come.