The Schoolyard: Groove at its Finest

The Schoolyard band.
Courtesy of The Schoolyard
With Battle of The Bands just around the corner, we have been taking a look at a ton of different bands with very distinct styles. The Schoolyard is an up and coming indie/alternative rock band that puts the groove in groovy. Listening to their music I feel like they sound like a young version of San Anything. A few friends and I were playing games and I decided to put on their song Bridges. Next thing I knew we were all swaying about while playing. The song makes it seem like you are lighter than air. The Schoolyard is attempting to rejuvenate a lost music style with their own modern touch. As a relatively new band, The Schoolyard are combining very distinct forms of rock and blues to create a surreal sense of motion throughout their music. Their song Trust Fall, sounds just as the title says. Being much more mellow and slow paced than their previous song, it lightens the mood with an array of different instruments you normally wouldn't believe sound good together.

     The Schoolyard is definitely a band you want to keep an eye on and if you are blessed with any signed merch, make sure to keep it because it just may be worth some real money in the future.

The Members

Matt Yalcin- vocals, guitar, keys
Cameron Hamilton- guitar, vocals
Tom Dante- bass, vocals
Philip Dante- drums