The Spirits of UTSA Halloween

Hocus Pocus witches performing after their "Maa-velous introduction" 

  As we all know, Halloween just passed and there were lots of things happening! There were decorations set up around campus, activities, students AND faculty in costumes and even candy was given out! This year, I’ve noticed that older traditions are stemming up and becoming popular once again. Costumes are getting more and more creative, pumpkin carving and painting has been revitalized, and overall participation in the realms of Halloween have skyrocketed. I think the most exciting and surprising part about UTSA’s own contributions and spirit was that there was a freaking Halloween flash mob in the JPL!

Grumpy Hailey as Grumpy Cat
  The dance classes came together, dressed up in their multitude of costumes, and moved with thrill and ferocious energy, remarkably performing the reanimation of Halloween fun! The song was called Transylvania Mania, which started with Michelle Peitri’s musical theatre/jazz dance class.
Watch the video here!

The music majors of UTSA (for those confused about the super hero in the center... she is a Neapolitan Chord...look it up)

  As the academic year of 2014 began, a dance minor became offered at UTSA. They include Ballet, Intro to Modern Dance, Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance, and History of Dance. You don’t need any sort of experience, so if you know you want to do something more or add a little “oomph!” into your step, definitely look into these classes! They’re rapidly growing and OBVIOUSLY doing fantastic things. You can find more information here:

Sarah Stevens (Supergirl) with Skylar the Wyler and Bell Pepper carvings

  If there is anything to be exceptionally proud of, it’s the fact that I was among fellow students who all paid attention to the performers and cheered them on with their closing number. It was that spirit and the performers that made me proud of my school; realizing that we do support each other (as strangers and colleagues) when we least expect it on one campus that brings us together in some way, shape, or form.

Adam enjoying his time with a Native

Be sure to hashtag #RRhalloween2015 and tag @utsarowdyradio (instagram) and Rowdy Radio (Facebook) to share all of your crazy costumes and Halloween fun! 

Meanwhile... here are some UTSA students and their Halloween of 2015!

Zim sporting Alice in Wonderland gear

Kathleen and her boyfriend with a Dia de los Muertos spin

Roommates as Nerds