Things We're All Really Thinking About People When It's Exam Time

     The Things We're All Really Thinking About People When It's Exam Time

                                                                            The scholars
Mean Girls spoof

                I seriously admire your work ethic. How the heck do you find time to make these wicked flash cards and ACTUALLY study them on a daily basis? I want to be like you. Good time management; a way to make yourself a nice home-cooked meal and still have time to study; makes really good points in class… Where did you come from anyway?

                                          You go Glenn Coco

2                                                                                                                  The procrastinators (where I lie)
Spongebob Imagination spoof
      Meh. You got like 2 weeks to study for this junk and you’re home free until the next test. You didn’t do THAT bad on the last test, but you’re definitely going to set aside a day or two to make sure you really know this material. It’ll be cool, you know? You’ve totally got that amount of time.
1 week and 5 days later….. Yep, still got a few……

Night before the test…. Damnit. What the hell. Guess I’ll just get no sleep tonight… again.  

3.                                                                                                                                                 The Stressers
Fry from Futurama depicting how we all feel

   Okay! We get it! Stay in your creepy corner in the library and we won’t talk to you! Also… are you okay? Do you need some chocolate? I saw you here like two days ago in the same clothes. I just wanna be supportive.

Fry drinking too much coffee

Also… you’re not invited to the panty raid because you just hissed at me.
Mr. Krabs holding Granny's panties

4                                                         The annoying people who never study and always get good grades
Chandler from Friends being realistic

5                                                                                                                                                The know-it-alls
Michael from The Office

    I would like to answer some questions in class. It would be really cool if you let me just FREAKING ANSWER A QUESTION FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE! I don’t care how many times your daddy paid off your citations. I don’t care that the teacher seems to favor you and thinks you’re intelligent because you can say big words and ALWAYS have a response to every topic.

      Please get me out of this hell-hole you love so much because you think you have power. I don’t need “Well, actually…” or “Well, that doesn’t make any sense because…” or “No! It’s a fact that dolphins are actually humans because the rainbows that come out of their blow holes release the same frequency of the song that a 3-year old just learned.”

     You smell weird and your mom probably makes a mean turkey.

6                                                                                                             The “Can I study with you?” People
Patrick and the people under his rock

     Yes! As long as you don’t distra...

      HAHAHA! OMG that freaking a-cappella video was hilarious!
      Okay! Seriously now… what’s the answer to…

    That puppy is the most adorable thing dropped from heaven

Doug from Up

Alright, let's dominate this because I want to go home please...

                                                                                                               The dead weight in the study group
Charlie from Good Luck Charlie

    C’mon David! You KNOW this answer! Just once, say it. We’ve asked you like 30 times. How have you not memorized it by now?

    No, you can’t go get something to eat, you’re the one who said they needed help and now you’re running from it… I took time off my schedule to help you!

I guarantee that your teacher is not out to get you. Break your worst study habits or stay with your great ones and... 

Shia LeBouf JUST DO IT!