When Yelp Fails You…

The honest truth of trying new restaurants and everything food across the city is that not everything will be out of this world delicious. Being the pizza queen, fanatic, enthusiast and all of the above, I feel it's only right to tell my readers that pizza-fails do exist. 

I was way too excited to try out Pizza Classics’ raving pizza pies. Instagram showed their pizza to look mouth watering. Yelp offered a 4.5 star review. Walking inside, I thought I'd find my new pizza spot because the first thing I saw is pizza dough flying up in the air being magically tossed. I thought, “Oh yes, this is gonna be good”. Ultimately, I was wrong.

Looks can be deceiving sometimes...

The verdict is unfortunate; the pizza lacked seasonings, flavor, and quite frankly was heavy of grease. I also tried the mild wings which I wasn't crazy about. On the plus side the servers were nice, and they offered Mexican Coke and Hubert's lemonade, which I was happy about. I would give the pizza alone a solid 4/10. Overall, I left pretty disappointed. Not because my food wasn't that great but because I was left with a craving of some good pizza. It's one of my favorite foods after all. 

-On the bright side-

To fulfill my pizza loving heart I ended up going to Barbaro and indulging myself in some delicious pizza I'm familiar with♡♡

Ever have a similar experience? Let me know! (It kind of sucks)
Know of a yummy pizza place? I'd love, love to know about it! (I'll give any pizza place a try once)