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            Gilmore Girls has been loved and hated by many, if not all, for its incessant use of pop culture references, unrealistic dialogue, and unbearable characters.  I have recently re-watched the entire series and was delighted to find that Amy Sherman-Palladino has decided to revive the show for four one-and-a-half hour-long episodes to make up for the horrible seventh season courtesy of Dave Rosenthal.  Upon my recent binge watch, I have found that the show has a handful of musical cameos!

            For those who do not know the magical craziness of Gilmore Girls, it is about a single, selfish, immature mother raising her selfish, spoiled, mature Ivy League-bound daughter living in a small, annoyingly tight-knit town.  If you can get through the entire series without getting angry, then you are indeed one of those selfish, spoiled, self-absorbed, rich characters.  Yada yada yada.  It is a great show despite anything I say; I just feel incredibly bitter because there was so much room for character development and yet there was mostly none.

            Main characters Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, Lane Kim, and the band members of Hep Alien, have an incredible taste in music.  If anything, I should blame Lane Kim for my extreme need to buy a drum set, wear crazy hairstyles, and marry a guitarist.  Nevertheless, the show was home to a couple of extremely random musical cameos, as stated above, and I have decided to pinpoint a few of the most memorable ones.

The Bangles

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The Bangles are commonly referred to as Lorelai Gilmore's favorite band throughout the entire first season of Gilmore Girls, so it is no wonder that the hit girl group was featured in the first season's thirteenth episode "Concert Interruptus" where they play one of their hit songs "Eternal Flame."

Carole King

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Musical icon Carole King is featured in the second season of GG in an episode titled "Help Wanted."  She does not sing in this episode, or others that she subsequently guest stars in, but she does own the music shop in which she lets Lane practice in.  She also wrote the catchy theme song for the show and re-recorded it in a much hyper tune along with Louise Goffin.

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Rikki Lindhome

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Rikki Lindhome, member of Garfunkel and Oates, has a small cameo in the third season's episode "One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes."

Sebastian Bach

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Sebastian Bach, pioneer of hair metal band Skid Row, first appeared in season four's episode "The Festival of Living Art" in which he auditions as a guitarist for Lane's band, Hep Alien, and plays a recurring character until the shows finale.

The Shins

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I honestly did not remember seeing the Shins until a friend of mine pointed them out.  They appeared in a quick club scene in season four's episode "Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin the Twist" in which Rory Gilmore and Paris Geller experience their first college spring break.

Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, and Coco Gordon Moore

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Nobody hates Sonic Youth more than I do so it makes sense that I didn't really catch their cameos the first time around, but after re-watching the series, I noticed that the blonde singer in season six's episode "Partings" was totally Kim Gordon.  I later found out that Thurston Moore and their kin Coco cameoed as well.

Real Paul Anka

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Finally, drum roll please, the real Paul Anka!  Honestly, the main reason I actually sat through seven seasons of grueling bitterness was for dog Paul Anka and this surreal episode in season six of the Gilmore Girls series.  I mean, come on, real Paul Anka has got to be the cutest person in the world.

Dog Paul Anka

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Did I not mention that dog Paul Anka is the real super star of the show?  I know this particular blog is dedicated to the show's musical cameos, but in my defense in "The Real Paul Anka," dog Paul Anka does trade places with real Paul Anka and sings a song in a musty club.

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  1. It was time they started to bring back shows like Gilmore Girls. Loved the article.