How to Jump Right Back Into the Swing of Things

   I wasn’t ready for this. No one told me it would be so short. I didn’t get to sleep-in enough! And what professor in their right mind would assign two papers and two exams for the first week back from Spring Break? Oh, your professor did too?! I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend a few days recovering while watching Netflix! Sounds like a good plan, right? Unfortunately, we need to jump right back into the race towards finals! Don’t worry! We are doing this together.
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    During Spring Break, many students traveled with friends and family! Now working on that summer tan must have been fun! Right? But you probably didn’t open a single textbook? Honestly, I didn’t do any of the assigned readings either! Whenever I realize that I might be a little behind in my classes, I text my study-buddy for that class and beg (yes, I pretty much beg) them to help me. I either ask for notes from the reading or a “catch-me-up” study session. I always suggest helping others out throughout the semester because they will feel more inclined to help you out later (let’s face it, it’s true).  Now a daring suggestion is to talk to your professors during their office hours this week! You might be thinking that this is insane, but do realize that professors have been on Spring Break too. With that History professor dreading the same lecture he gives every semester, a student going to them directly for a review is usually welcomed.
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   During Spring Break, many students gained a few extra hours at work and a few extra zeros in the bank! Now dealing with radical customers or over-bearing bosses can be exhausting! Frankly, I spent my break at work over the course of the week watching Snapchat stories of my friends having fun…now that was not fun. Guess what we have that they don’t? Extra money! Hopefully, you weren’t like me going on late-night milkshake sprees after work (I have a weakness for all sweets)! Considering that we spent so much time working throughout the break, you should take a day off or switch shifts with a co-worker and take a “mini-Spring Break”. You might be thinking that one day won’t do anything, but picture it! A day to sleep in late, to watch Netflix, to go out to lunch, to meet up with friends, and to take an extra-long shower. See?! Doesn’t that seem nice? (Yes! We can meet up and do lunch).

     During Spring Break, many students actually used the free time to study! Obviously, we both know that I didn’t (and probably should have). Seeing as you were proactive and used the time wisely, you too should reward yourself! Go out and do something fun! Or stay in and relax! But I do urge you to have your phone charged (I just told some of your classmates that they should text you about assignments)!

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     Whether you actually went on a vacation, worked, or studied during Spring Break, remember that we all wish the break wasn’t over yet! Yet, we all have to get ready for finals in a few weeks. Sometimes the best way to just jump right back into the swing of things is to do it with two feet! Get some rest to recuperate from the break but be ready for the dash to the end! Let me know how your Spring Break went! Did you do something other than go on vacation, work, or study? If you did, I’d enjoy you telling about your adventure in the comments below!