How To Order Starbucks Right

   We both know that it is about that time. Mid-terms are plaguing us with last-minute all-nighters if you’re like me! And if you’re not, you might still have a little anxiety about an exam or two. Unfortunately, I can’t help you review for that chemistry or history course; however, I can guide you on what to drink to give you a boost. As a barista at a café, customers ask me for advice on what to get all the time. So here’s a little advice for the college student that needs a little push through exam week.

        For the students that are just trying to make it through a professors review, you should try a brewed coffee or hot tea. Although these are light on caffeine, both drinks offer enough to stimulate you throughout a monotone lecture.

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      For the students that are extremely busy, I suggest something stronger. As a full-time student that also works, I’d say that I fall into this category. I don’t get much sleep, so class is perfect to catch up on that! No, it is not! I'm just kidding with you. Because I have nodded off during a lecture (once or twice), I usually get a tall cappuccino. Now you don’t have to get a cappuccino as well. You should get your favorite seasonal latte or café. But the key is to order a “tall” because these come with one shot of espresso. Please realize that espresso has more caffeine than regular coffee. If you are caffeine sensitive, a brewed coffee may be perfect for you. But a “tall” drink can give you an extra pep in your step!

Courtesy of Starbucks
     For the students that are already ahead of the game, you could already be caffeine-dependent. This means you could already be drinking so much caffeine that a shot of espresso will not affect you. The fix for this is simple. You can either add another shot to your normal order or go up another size. For example, I should order a “tall” cappuccino double shot or a “grande” cappuccino because both of these contain two shots of espresso.
Courtesy of Starbucks

     For the student that needs to pull all-nighters, I have a few suggestions that will keep you kicking all night. A drink that might spark your interest is called a “Red-eye”. This drink is a brewed coffee with a shot of espresso; thus, high on caffeine in-take. Another drink great for a night full of studying is called the “Starbucks Double-shot”. A “Starbucks Double-shot” is a shaken, iced drink with two shots of espresso on top of the regular amount of espresso shots. This drink in the “venti” size contains five shots and in the “grande” size contains four shots of espresso. I highly suggest if you are caffeine sensitive to not order this in “venti” but rather a “tall” which contains three shots of espresso. Given that many students are like me and pull all-nighters all the time, I would get the “Starbucks Double-shot” with a flavor, such as: vanilla, hazelnut, or mocha (just to add a little sweetness to the night).

     Whether you are a Starbucks regular or a newbie, ordering from them can be somewhat confusing. I hope that some of these suggestions will help you beat the stress and conquer mid-terms! Please visit the Starbucks Menu for more tasty drinks! Let me know how you enjoyed these tasty drinks in the comments below!

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