Coolest New Cars
I see a lot of boring and unimaginative cars on the road so here are my picks for the coolest cars on sale today and therefore the coolest in the used car market when it's time to buy our first post-college car.

First off is the best car on sale today, the Ford Focus RS. With the Focus RS you get fancy Four-Wheel Drive with an adaptive drift setting, 350hp, all for less than $40,000. Unfortunately for the minority of car lovers who like me don't want to drive a stick shift in traffic (crazy right?) its manual gear box only like all Ford's hot hatch's.
If the RS is a bit pricey then you can buy the car my dad drives, the Focus ST it's got 100 less hp and front wheel drive but it still looks and goes great its also more like $30,000.  
If you want to spend less than $25000, then Ford also does the Fiesta ST which can produce almost 200hp, Technically the Fiesta also has the cred because Ford doesn't use Focus' for Rally they use Fiesta's.

This next car is super rare with only 100 examples being sold in the whole USA. Volvo's V60 Polestar is the car I would buy in a heartbeat,assuming of course I had $60,000. A bit pricey compared to the Focus the Polestar makes 360hp and also has 4WD but the bonus is the Polestar is a wagon, the last performance wagon on sale in the US at that.
Volvo also sells the T5 V60 witch has just over 300hp but costs $50,000 still more than the RS but less than the Polestar.

The Option for those like me who won't drive stick but still want 300hp in our hatchback is the Golf R which can come with a DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) witch is supposedly faster than the stick shift but has an automatic setting. The R also has just under 300hp a considerable amount less than the RS since it's priced about the same at close to $40,000. Like the RS it has 4WD and a little brother, the GTi (Pictured) which competes with the ST.

The only crossover I have ever liked the Jaguar F-Pace only started to look cool to me when I realized it's a budget Range Rover. Of course by budget I mean comparatively it still starts at $50000, but if you spec the big engine you get a similar power output to the Polestar, you can also have 4WD and you get some of the technology used in the Range Rover which is widely regarded as one of the best Off-Road Vehicles money can buy, the only reason the Range Rover itself isn't on this list is because it starts at $85000, and the current one is kind of ugly. So the smart buyer will get an F-Pace not just for the price, but also for those gorgeous looks.
Jaguar F-Pace (front 3-4).JPG

Sticking with the SUV/ Crossover Theme, the SUV you want for off-roading is the Toyota 4Runner TRD. TRD is Toyota's answer to the F-150 Raptor which you'll see later. With the combination of Toyota reliability, 270hp, and some big off-road shocks you have an SUV that's perfect for storming through the desert, and at just over $40,000 a decent price too.

There's also the Tacoma TRD which is pretty similar in specs and price but a pick up.
Nissan also makes an off-road pick up namely the Frontier Pro-4x similarly priced and speced to the Tacoma 

Now the daddy of off-road trucks the Ford F-150 Raptor, if i'm honest I preferred the old Raptor (pictured) but the new one still has the pedigree. The new raptor comes just at the right time since the old raptor can be out accelerated by the ecoboost F-150 which is designed to be economical. Since the new raptor uses an ecoboost V6 instead of a V8 it has a massive amount of power at 450 but without the massive weight of a V8. The Raptor also has the closest thing to Baja 1000 ready off-road shocks on a production car.

Now the best car under $20,000 and the car I drive the Hyundai Veloster, its got barely any power at 130hp, but it has a DCT like the Golf and very unique styling. 
2012 Hyundai Veloster -- 01-20-2012 2.jpg

If you've got a little more money the Turbo version of the Veloster produces 201hp and has a distinguishing front bumper.

Now for those who think american muscle cars are cool I say the Challenger, Mustang, Camaro, and Charger are way to common to be cool, so what you want is the Chevrolet SS which is a rebadged Holden Commodore SS from Australia with 450hp.

Another beautiful cheap car is the Fiat 124 Spider, it's basically a Miata with a Fiat body, it only has a 160hp but it has a body which looks like a baby Mustang. 
Fiat 124 Spider - LA Auto Show 2015 (23121899872) (cropped).jpg

Next on the Hierarchy of Fiat sport cars is the Alfa Romeo 4C, basically a baby Ferrari. Starting at $55,000 it's much cheaper than a Ferrari but still has the looks, 240hp, and Italian heritage.
File:Festival automobile international 2014 - Alfa Romeo 4C - 009.jpg

And now a BMW, generally BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes' are uncool because their mostly bought by people who want to show off how much money they have. However in the M2's case the price is actually fairly reasonable considering you get 365hp for just over $50,000 and the fact that it's the baby M car makes it fairly interesting.

The Nissan's 370Z makes the list for it's great body and the fact that you can have 330hp for $30000 and high quality handling.

Those are the cars we can buy here in the USA, here's what we miss out on.

The most iritating car not sold here is the Polo GTi since it's sold just over the border in Mexico, The Polo GTi is essentially the VW version of the Fiesta ST, a baby Golf GTi, but the cool thing is it has the same weight and power of the original 1970s Golf GTi.

Also from VW the car I want the VW Golf R Wagon, same power and 4WD as the hatchback but with a bit more space. The fun thing about the Golf R Wagon is it shares the same weight and power as my all time favorite car the Audi RS2 from the mid 90s. It's basically a baby Audi. 

VW also makes the Skoda Octavia vRS (left) and Seat Leon Cupra (right) and the kings of sport wagons the Audi S4 & S6

American company's are also guilty of holding out on the american market.

Such as Ford's Focus ST Wagon that we're we can't have.

GM makes a lot of dope stuff that they don't sell here as well. The Vauxhall VXR range for example.
Image result for gtc VXRImage result for corsa VXR

And of course the other body styles of the Holden Comodore. New El Camino please GM.
Image result for holden commodore HSV wagon

You may notice an obsession with wagons on this list I mainly do that because the wagon is the perfect vehicle for the road, you get car handling and weight with the space of an SUV. The virtues of the station wagon are clear, which is why I don't understand why there are so few on sale here, Volvo is the only company still selling a sport wagon. While america is full of crossovers and SUVs that have never left a paved a road and never will. You know what to buy. 


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